The Vagus Nerve and Diabetes: How the Brain Affects Glucose Levels

Today we will be discussing how the brain’s modulation of the vagus nerve affects glucose levels.  Frequently we discuss the two sides of the autonomic nervous system which for all intents and purposes involve rest and digest responses juxtaposed with fight and flight reactions.  While the majority of discussions surrounding diabetes involve insulin resistance at the level of the liver or skeletal muscle, today we will highlight how insulin resistance is being observed in the brain, how this affects diabetes, as well as novel treatments designed to increase vagal nerve tone for the treatment of diabetes. .

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    This conversation is very interesting. I’m a doctor, and intend to study the auricular vagus nerve stimulation and take thermographic images of the feet of diabetic patients, hoping to find a rise in temperature due to the release of nitric oxide. Thanks for your valuable information.

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