Fibromyalgia – Cutting Through the B.S.

In our first episode in the Cutting Through the B.S. series we will tackle Fibromyalgia.  We discuss the different causes of this very confusing conditions as well as the many different treatment options that are out there and why many of them fail.  We will then further delve into what is causing the condition in many patients and treatment options we have found to work in our clinic.  Enjoy.

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  1. I’ve had fibromyalgia since before they even had a name for it, along with an orthostatic intolerance.

  2. stress! fibromyalgia is from stress!!! the release of CORTISONE, “ADRENAL” is venom and high PH as acids!!! will eat every life source inside your body! cruel emotional stress can kill you!

  3. Finally – Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. My journey has been long and many, many different treatments for FMS. I was first diagnosed with RLS in 1987 (even though I had pain throughout my body). Iron deficiency, Vitamin B12 injections, Parkinson’s medications, Codeine, seizure medications….and on and on. I finally quit taking medications that did not help. My latest diagnosis, other than osteoarthritis, is Mild Cognitive Impairment which resulted in my retiring at 60 with Social Security Disability. Thank you – understanding is major for me.

  4. Thank You So Much for your Presentation! I didn’t know what else to do after being diagnosed by a Neurologist in 1997 I have been labeled a quack, and seeking attention and the latest conversion disorder. I hate going to Doctors and have been trying to find answers on my own. I feel vindicated just by having watched your presentation! How can I get help?

  5. The first step would be to have a consultation to see if you would be a good candidate for our program. You can find out more about how to do that here

  6. I have fibromyalgia, Elders Danos and osteoporosis, need help….

  7. The first step would be to setup a consultation to go over your case and see if we feel you would be a good candidate for our program. You can find out more information on how to get that setup here

  8. Maryanna Stever

    Thank you, doctors, for a concise and understandable presentation. Obviously there are a myriad of other conditions under the fibromyalgia umbrella, but you hit the high notes. You confirmed what I’ve been researching for the last ten years. I have childhood trauma and ptsd, a traumatic and stress filled first marriage, thyroid issues, “leaky gut”, sinus issues, ringing in the ears, etc. Multiple head injuries and two cancer surgeries. I will be moving from southern California to northern Idaho shortly. Do you have any associates in Washington, Idaho or surrounding area to which I might go for help. Rheumatolgists are perplexed by me and hate to see me coming. All they want to do is prescribe narcotics, which I refuse to take. It is very refreshing to hear my concerns taken seriously. I’m 70 years old and believe I have had fibromyalgia my entire life.

  9. The short answer to your question is we unfortunately don’t know of anyone in your area. The longer answer is that we have married two disciplines (functional medicine and chiropractic neurology) to put together what we feel is the most comprehensive program for chronic problems available today. While there are others who claim to do similar treatments we have not met any who practice exactly how we do and have made referrals in the past where the results were less than stellar. We have patients that we have worked with from all over the world. If you would like to find out how you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Rutherford to go over your particular case you can find out more at

  10. I’ve FM for 4-5 years now, and I still cannot sit up straight for longer than 15-25 minutes. Same with walking/standing up straight. It’s all very limited. I wonder why there’s such a difference in pain intensity for FM patients.
    The consequence is that people find it hard to believe I’ve it that bad. Because people are comparing me with other patients. For now, as a result doctors try to avoid me when I ask for a adequate treatment. They think I exaggerate my (pain-) symptoms, and tell me that I’ve to work harder, do more, etc, which only make it worse for me.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing your insights.

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