Power Health Keys to Success #86 – Dr. Gates’ Program

Recipe of the Week

Triple Seafood Chowder

Had a request from a patient for a good seafood recipe.  This one has gotten some rave reviews.  Might be worth trying before the heat fully sets in on us.

Triple Seafood Chowder


  1. Wow! I am shocked that you actually listened to my request but other than an “insanely mundane” diet, what do you actually eat? I have never heard of the insanely mundane diet. Good Job!

  2. Thank you Dr Gaite’s for sharing your story. I was inspired to continue to do my best with what you have taught me. I’ve also added Barley Green Dr Hagiwaras I use to take it in the 80’s so much more energy, wounds healing faster it helps nutrition so much at the cell level. When you get a chance look it up wonderful stuff!:) God Bless Jeannette Bryan?

  3. Thanks for sharing your story! I love your honesty about being in denial and trying to eat healthy at places that didn’t really provide healthy foods. I felt the same way when I started the program about the foods and the stress :)

  4. Thank you Dr. Gates. Great talk.
    You really do know what your patients go through when trying to get rid of bad eating habits. You and Dr. Rutherford are amazing.

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