Power Health Keys to Success #83 – Exercise

Recipe of the Week

Coconut Milk Ranch Dressing

Coconut Milk Ranch DressingAs it starts to get warmer salads become our go to meal more and more.  Normally we use a simple oil and vinegar for a dressing, but ranch is something I crave once in a while.  This recipe is fully compliant with the Power Health diet and tastes great!

Coconut Milk Ranch Dressing


  1. I also walk my dog with my friend or sons. One of my sons loves Pokemon Go, so we take our phones & walk our dog while we play the game sometimes.
    I also have just barely started piyo, a cross between pilates & yoga (in my living room using a dvd) which is great for windy, rainy, or cold days. I like it because it works on strengthening and stretching, but I need no special equipment beyond a yoga mat and I can do it in my living room in barefeet!

  2. You asked about my exercise. I am highly challenged here. With my CFS almost any exercise sets me back. I have painful feet, so walking more than 10 minutes is out. Even five minutes of Tai Chi twice a week sets me back.

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