Power Health Keys to Success #76 – Brain Rehab Exercises

This week Dr. Gates and Dr. Rutherford discuss brain rehab exercises.

Recipe of the Week

Super Bowl Food You’ll Enjoy

plantain nachosThe Super Bowl is this Sunday so I thought I would give a link to some great ideas for snacks that can be served that are for the most part friendly to the Power Health Diet (depending on which one you are on and where you are at of course!)  These can also be used for other get togethers.  Some look great!

Super Bowl Food You’ll Enjoy

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  1. Great Keys to Success today (#76). As patients we get wound up pretty tight in our ills and we need this reminder that expensive tools are not always the right direction for us to go. We do a lot of research online and take what these websites tout as gospel. I believe you created this keys to success because some patients like me, had asked you to do one on biofeedback. Since I had asked you about it and you gave me other more simple home remedies (relaxation techniques, supplement etc…) I have been feeling much better and had decided before viewing this Keys to Success that I was going to stick with your traditional approach because I trust you and because it IS more specific to me and my needs and because you treat us each as individuals and a lot of those brain training programs treat every brain off of an optimal norm basically.
    Thanks for reminding me why you guys are so great. I am feeling good. Thanks Dr. Gates and Dr. Rutherford!

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