Power Health Keys to Success #74 – Request for Feedback

This week Dr. Gates and Dr. Rutherford request feedback on what would help you to stick with the program.

Recipe of the Week

AIP Salmon Patties (Paleo & Egg Free)

This was shared in our private Power Health patient group and looks fantastic for you salmon lovers.

AIP Salmon Patties (Paleo & Egg Free)

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  1. I need continued encouragement. What helps me a lot is to hear how and why various aspects of the program work. For example, when Dr. Rutherford shared how he felt after doing his brain exercises, it energized me to pick them up again. When Dr. Gates explained what gluten does to the body, it energized me to continue gluten free. You’re doing a great job. Taking cues from what you hear weekly is a good ongoing practice. Love the new Facebook group where I can ask questions and get other perspectives! Thank you.

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