Power Health Keys to Success #62

This week Dr. Gates and Dr. Rutherford discuss permanent leaky gut.

Recipe of the Week

Garlic Pork and Rice

Please look over the language on this site, but the recipe is fantastic.  This is one that is very very easy to make (especially with the riced cauliflower that can be found at most stores now) and very tasty.

Garlic Pork and Rice


  1. Thank You. I have found I have to stick with the diet. I suffer if I don’t. If I happened to give in to temptation one time, I hurt more, and it takes me about a week to get back to lower pain levels. I do this by being very strict on my diet. I also found very effective probiotics!
    Thanks for keeping this keys to success program on-going!

  2. Hi Drs. Rutherford and Gates, this was a very informative talk.
    Thank you both,

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