Power Health Keys to Success #103 – Social Aspects

Recipe of the Week

Plantain and Apple Fritters

The Paleo Approach Cookbook Preview Plantain and Apple FrittersPlantain chips have been a favorite snack many of our patients have enjoyed over the years.  Here is a recipe that is fantastic for breakfast or a quick snack anytime.

Plantain and Apple Fritters


  1. OMG! Dr. Gates hit it on the nails head! OWN it!!!

    Understanding the depth and beauty of the meaning of OWNING IT! is the secret to success. As he said, in any form of commitment that we decide to undertake.

    The social aspect is soooo huge and so beautiful too. Why muck it up by having to “rub” what I own on people’s faces? Whenever they say: “have some at least this once….!” I say with a BIG smile of gratitude for having good friends who genuinely are interested in sharing with me and want my happyness…. even if they have not walked in my moccasines… “Yes! I’d love to!” Then, they bring me whatever and guess what…. it will remain untouched! If they ask how come I have not touched it…. well, all of a sudden I am full or will eat it in a minute…. You get what I mean.

    Going out, I have learned, sticking to SALADS is my salavation. I ask to hold like the cheese or croutons and add chicken/fish if I am in need of protein. However, I make sure that I get what I need for my program when I am home. No big deal. OK. I take it back. It is a HUGE deal! My brain neuron nets are soooooo big when it comes to bread, sweets, pastries…. I can’t tell you how humongous! I come from a culture that prides and indulges in the beauty of such creations. The damned things are in my DNA!

    Do you want to know why it is not a big deal? Because I decided to OWN it!

  2. There is no other two letter word that will bring you more enlightenment than “NO”.

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