Power Health Keys to Success #101 – Goal Setting

Recipe of the Week

Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad

Smoked Salmon Caesar SaladSalads are such an easy meal to make, but variety can be a pain.  This recipe is easy to make and can be altered to fit almost any portion of the PH diet.  Enjoy!

Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad

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  1. Personally, I like setting goals as a tangible measure of my efforts and progress. Without a goal I might give up. Breaking my goal down into manageable parts inspires my progress. I find it useful to take baby steps and acknowledge my progress along the way. One way I do this is by having a goal for the day or the week. Looking back at how far I have come and helps me to track my progress in a positive way. For in doing so I do not focus on what I have not done, but what I have done. Doing what I can now to keep me progressing also feels inspiring and tangible. If I were only to look forward at the ultimate goal, I might miss out on the satisfaction of where I am now thanks to all the positive choices I made. When I get off course I seek to understand the why, learn from it, reaffirm all the positive results from staying on the program, reaffirm my commitment to continuing whilst refraining from being too hard on myself. When I am hard on myself for “cheating”, I can go into a downward spiral of feeling bad which leads to more poor choices and self sabotage. So I just try not to do that and if I do, when I eventually catch myself, I practice self kindness and just start again. Fall down once, get up twice, fall down twice, get up three times…. I firmly believe that what matters more than being perfect is doing our best in the moment and continuing to show up again and again and again. All the best with your journey!!

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