Power Health Keys to Success #100 – Consistency

Recipe of the Week

Baked Sweet Potato Chips

Snacks can be hard to come by when going through the program.  Here is a simple recipe that can help you to have that satisfying crunch of a chip while remaining true to your program.  Enjoy!

Baked Sweet Potato Chips


  1. Consistency is tough with so many temptations, discipline is the key. Me, I walk into the grocery store and line drive straight past the delicious smelling baked goods. I take a deep breath, it calms me down and smells so good-it’s still okay to smell-right? Honing in a a head of cauliflower, pick it up, shuffle it from right to left and slam dunk it into my cart. Kale always hits a home run, it’s in. Dairy has nothing on me anymore so it’s an easy sprint past it. Oh no!! It’s the cookie section! Alluring mint, chocolate chip, peanut butter and ginger snaps so beautifully packaged; are the beckoning to me? Gotta make it out of the rough. I am 2 under par but visions of Power Health dance in my head and my gut tells me to stick to the program. Taking solace in a bag of sweet potato chips, I slide into the check out stand unscathed.

    Thanks for the inspiration 😉

  2. The most powerful statement made here is: “consistency is boring!” OMG!!!! It had never hit me that way before. I’d like to add that consistency is boring… when it has to do with your health. Not when you are dipping into the ice cream bucket on a daily basis…. Why? Because we are nuckle head humans! It should be the absolute reverse! Consistency with Power Health Program should be ….heaven!!!

    How easy we forget and how fast we are to judge! We arrive at your doorstep ridden with maladies expecting miracles and demanding attention. Falling off of our program is nothing but judging and becoming opinionated. Sorry my wonderful doctors. I suppose every time I contact you whining about I gained a couple of pounds…. as if it were your fault…. I have fallen pray to the judgemental equation.

    Said that, you know how hard I do work at staying on track, how magnificent a change you help me create in my life, and how I promise—-regardless of the times I fall into judgemental hands— will stay on track! You came to me as a blessing and I would be an absolute idiot not to adore my program. Yes! The damned thing is tough! And from now on… I will love it even more because it represents the hard work and dedication of trully honest and caring human beens who said wanted to help me and worked hard to do so… from the bottom of their hearts and brilliant brains.


  3. Sue Mitchel-Runow

    I was vegan for most of a decade, eating very clean. When I found out I had serious anemia but had a hard time digesting various iron supplements, I reintroduced red meat into my diet. Well that opened me up returning to other meats, which opened me up to dairy, which morphed into including ice cream and then chocolate and so why not gluten free cookies? My husband loved rich fruity red wines, so that came too…After my husband’s long, protracted illness and death and during our extremely long winter, I sought ease and solace in consuming all that was sweet. But it all got to me when I could hardly function. I finally turned that around and was looking for good program to heal my particular issues, when I found Power Health. I looking forward the seeing what we can do for me and am ready to be consistent once again.

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