PHT 153: Mal de Debarquement Syndrome: Understanding the Dizziness

For those not familiar, MdDS is a condition where an individual continues to feel as though they are moving for longer than one month when returning to land after being at sea (most common cause).  Unfortunately, many patients continue to have disabling symptoms and responses to medications have been less than favorable for many. In today’s broadcast we will discuss the underlying causes of this condition so that the MdDS sufferer can better understand their condition.


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  1. Are these treatments as successful for people who have MdDS without a motion related cause? I was diagnosed as spontaneous onset after childbirth.

  2. We have treated some of the most severe MdDS patients. While I cannot say that we have treated someone with this condition from birth, MdDS has a significant component involving the cerebellum, and we have treated other genetic cerebellar conditions with success. So that is the data at hand. It would also be curious to truly find out if this is in fact genetic or autoimmune from birth in terms of the etiology. Let us know if this is something you want to proceed with.

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