PHT 102: The Chronic Pain Epidemic: Is the Brain to Blame?

Today we will be discussing the chronic pain epidemic, which for all intents and purposes is becoming a tsunami for our health care system.  The paradigm for treating chronic pain patients has been to alleviate the problem in the affected joint.  The classic examples of this include applying massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, medications, and ultimately surgery if necessary to the affected body region to help with the pain. Though these modalities absolutely have their place and can be very effective for acute pain, often they become less effective in the arena of chronic pain.
In today’s broadcast we will highlight why this happens, and how we have to shift our paradigm relative to chronic pain.  We propose that the most effective paradigm for chronic pain sufferers who have failed the traditional route, is a brain centered approach.

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  1. Besides myself with chronic pain ,I have two of my children boy 20years and girl 14years old with severe chronic pain.
    One girl has debilitating back pain we don’t know why ,the other has severe headaches after two major concussions.
    We sound like the people you talked about in this podcast!
    schould I feel out the paperwork for them too to see if they should get a consultation by you as well ?

  2. I would suggest starting with a consultation for you. During that you can also discuss your children to see if setting up a consultation with them would be prudent as well. The last page of this brochure has a checklist of what is needed for the Skype consultation

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