PHT 033 : New Data on Restless Leg Syndrome

This week we are doing an update on Restless Leg Syndrome.  RLS is a disabling condition where individuals attempt to sit down or go to bed in the evening, and they experience an intense sensation to move their legs.  Often, they have to get up and move around, preventing them from getting adequate sleep.  Most RLS sufferers describe it as being miserable.
Today we will present some of the new data regarding RLS, and potential new treatment options.
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  1. Michael J. Zigmond

    Extremely interesting podcast. Is there a way to get a bibliography of the papers to which you refer?

    Michael J. Zigmond, PhD
    Professor of Neurology
    University of Pittsburgh

  2. Hi Dr. Zigmond. We have all of our references on the main hangout page which can be found here

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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