PHT 023 : Berberine – A Powerful Natural Compound

Today we are doing our broadcast on the effects of Berberine.  Berberine has been used for millennia in Asia in the treatment of diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems.  In the 1990’s it was observed to have powerful effects on reducing blood sugar in diabetic patients.  Since that time Berberine has been shown to decrease blood sugar nearly on par with other anti-diabetic medications as well as reducing cholesterol levels.  There are many other effects of berberine that are being observed in mice, however the limitations at this time mainly center around the fact that Berberine is not well absorbed.  Therefore, we have read several articles where pharmaceutical researchers have attempted to modify berberine so that it can be absorbed more effectively.  Please enjoy this broadcast, as in the coming years you will likely hear more about this powerful natural compound.
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  1. i have started taking berberine for pcos and i feel really great … I stopped taking metformin because i felt like i was hypoglcemic alot. I do not have high sugar just high insulin, i feel mostly energetic now. My question is i am seeing a lot of sites saying you should not take berberine for more than 8 weeks with out a 4 week break because its bad for your liver..and can be toxic.. I just want to know what your opinion is.. I feel like 4 weeks is long to go after feeling so good.. thank you Maria

  2. Berberine is very powerful and can help in a lot of cases, however it should be monitored by a physician to ensure there are no side effects.

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