Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: It’s a Brain Problem

Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), has long been thought of as a liver disorder. While there is evidence of decreased clearance of harmful metabolites, the majority of new literature is focusing on the brain as being the primary instigator and propagating factor of this illness. In today’s broadcast we will highlight some of the new research coming out on MCS and how this may translate into new therapies for this disorder.

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  1. So if it is a brain problem then what can we do about it .
    I was an manicurist for 28 years an then I was always stressed out an had a a lot of trama happen to me as i was growning up .. my daughyer tokd me in was from all thee above .. I would to have my life back .. waiting for a cure . Rb

  2. The biggest problem with chronic conditions such as MCS is that there is no one answer that can be given. Each patient is different and needs to be evaluated and treated as such. If you would like to setup a consultation to see if we might be able to help please go to for more information.

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