Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Is Your Thyroid Problem Really An Immune System Problem?

Today we are discussing Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.  Over the years scores of thyroid patients have presented to our clinic with persistent thyroid symptoms though they were on thyroid medication.  We have been taught as a society that symptoms of symptoms of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism are due to thyroid gland dysfunction.  While this is correct, the underlying cause of the thyroid dysfunction, the immune system, has received little attention. In today’s broadcast we will be discussing why your immune system likely the missing link for those who have persistent “thyroid symptoms” while still on appropriate medication therapy.
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  1. For Dr Rutherford
    When I first interviewed with you over 3 years ago ( holy cow, time flys, even when you are not having fun)
    I asked then if the Hashimotos that you diagnosed was reversible. 3 years ago, you said it was not. Has anything changed in that 3 years?
    BTW, I am maniacal about following your recommended diet and lifestyle and I feel 99 percent normal. I still have some allergic side effects with the small doses of what we found I am allergic to, but they are almost negligible compared to how sick I was 3 years ago. Like I used to be in bed for 2 days at a time sick, and now I go all day and barely notice being off center occasionally. My immune system apparently is getting better. Dr gates cautioned me that it might take over a year for those mast cells to retrain themselves.
    I am learning the hard way that some corn and soy is hidden in foods and vitamins, like corn in my Vit D supplement.
    Thank you so much for all this work and research. I have friends who are going thru the hoops with all their different doctors and I keep telling them to see you now, but they carry on in another direction and are still sick. I realize that everyone has to go thru their own paces. I feel fortunate that I STARTED with you, rather than end up with you(se) guys.
    Healthy hugs to both of you.


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