Gallbladder – Functional Medicine Back to Basics

Gallbladder – Functional Medicine Back to Basics

In this segment of Functional Medicine Back to Basics Dr. Rutherford discusses the gallbladder and its roll in chronic conditions.

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Hi, Dr. Martin Rutherford here certified functional medicine practitioner and other things. We’re gonna talk about one of my favorite subjects today, so and and and then something you’re gonna, like your really weird or whatever it is, but we’re gonna talk about the gallbladder today.

This is like there’s like the continuation of the functional medicine back to basics. Again, for those of you who may just have seen gallbladder and I don’t know. Yet what we’re titling this or for those of the you who are just looking at gallbladder? Maybe this is the first time this is one in a series of presentations on what classic functional medicine should look like and and and and the emphasis on the is on the fact that there’s, a hierarchy to functional medicine and the way it Should be approached, and we’ve, been through that hierarchy from the very beginning of how to even evaluate a patient as to whether they should be a patient to what the basics are to to.

We’re, called the the priorities of blood sugar and oxygen, and those have you been watching know what I’m talking about. So we’ve gone through the we’ve gone through the intestines. We’ve gone through leaky gut.

We’ve gone through chemical sensitivities, pancreas stomach. We’ve gone through ulcers. We’ve gone through all that in an organized fashion. There is a hierarchy as to the way you should address a person’s overall case, and there’s and there’s, a specific hierarchy within the framework of that as to how you should address a gut function.

There’s like 35 different things that can cause gut issues and a lot of people today know Co, functional medicine, as I do the former program or the flybar program for the gut, and I got on the autoimmune, Paleo diet and I took a Bunch of supplements that I got on dr.

so-and-so this thing for leaky gut or SIBO or whatever it is, and didn’t work. So what’s? Going on what’s, going on as a person, didn’t, follow the hierarchy and in hierarchy of trying to get an intestines under control.

Any other things I just got mentioning there’s, a couple of major major players that if you miss them, you could do all the all the intestinal permeability you want. You can do all the liver flushes you want.

You can do all of the all of the SIBO diets and supplements and all the time and you’re, not getting better ever and one of the two biggest things and those have you been watching know what the other one is.

Hydrochloric acid. In the stomach, I wanted two biggest things: if you don’t fix, if you have it, you don’t fix it, you don’t know you have it to fix it. You it’s missing and you don’t fix that.

How can you fix that? We’ll talk about it? Okay, then you’re. Not getting better is the gallbladder. The gallbladder is like ginormously important to us. You wouldn’t think so with a gajillion gallbladder is coming out.

I think it’s. I think it’s, God. How much is it seventy five thousand? I forget. I actually have notes in front of me today. I don’t, usually use notes, okay, but the gallbladder to me is so huge. It’s, so important that I really want to.

I’m, not good at statistics and stuff, like that. I’m, not great at numbers so, but I really wanted you to get the whole idea of what’s going on now. Most of you know, and so I’m gonna – be looking down and reading off my notes.

So if that looks unprofessional, then too bad that’s, where we’re gonna, do it so so is it gallbladder? Do okay, what most of you know that gall bladders break down fats? Most of you know, people have had their gallbladders out and it’s like oh.

You know that pain. It took the gallbladder out, the pain went away, and then it came back or sometimes the pain went away and stayed away. But you know I don’t see those patients. I see the pain where they took it out.

It came back, they took my gallbladder out. The pain never went away and and and and goblet or shouldn’t come out anywhere near as frequently as they’re coming out, like like 90 % less frequently than they’re coming out, and I’M not exaggerating when I say that they do a lot more than fat digestion.

It does change your cholesterol, so cholesterol is kind of kind of accumulates in your in your liver has to be it has to be, it has to be broken down so that it can get into your system and then and it, and that’s.

Done by bile salts and that’s done in your gallbladder, those of you who can’t eat fish oils, okay, those of you who can’t it. It helps to break down and it helps with the absorption of fatty acids. So it helps with the absorption of your fat soluble vitamins, not just the fish oils, not just a but it but also vitamin A vitamin D.

Vitamin E vitamin K. So if you’re, taking all those things and are they’re coming out the other end or if you’re, taking these these things and you still have flaky skin and then you’re either. Not taking enough or you’re, not breaking it down and absorbing it.

The gallbladder is one of the biggest reasons that you may not be able to take that the symptoms of gallbladder are symptoms of gallbladder or your patients will come in here and and and i’ll. You know i have a assessment format.

People put out there’s old section on gallbladder. First question is, like you know: how did it what happens when you eat fried foods, fatty foods and a lot of people just leave it blank or they go nothing, and I have to ask them and say, because it’s, a zero to four Scale, zero, meaning nothing ever happens, so they mark zero.

I’ll, always ask that person. Is that because you don’t eat fried foods and fatty foods, and things like that and the most the time they’ll, say yes? Why? Because it makes them not feel good. It makes it not feel good because their gallbladder is not working.

Okay, some of the bigger ones for gallbladder are some of the bigger ones or I can’t. Do fish oils can’t eat fatty foods, gas and bloating a distension? A couple of hours after or after I eat fatty foods, but then a lot of times they don’t realize it’s.

The fatty food, a big one, is, can’t. Take supplements, can’t. Take the fish oil supplements a burp up fish oil. I perp up fish oil. I burp up a fatty fish oil after I do it. I kind of woke up. One is really interesting.

Two that are really interesting. Are it genus and the palms of your hands and just general itchiness it’s all over? I don’t know why? Because your gallbladder, or when it’s, not clearing things, those bile salts and the toxins from from not getting cleared and getting into the intestines, they got to go somewhere some of them and make it because because not having a gallbladder, also cause constipation.

One of the things that can cause constipation, so if it’s not getting in if you’re, not clearing those those toxins, if you’re, not clearing those bile salts into the into the toilet, and you can only Clear so much through your kidney, it’s going to the skin.

It’s going to each that’s like that’s like to me like one of the biggest things, and I see like get unis all over and it’s kind of generally, the the other one Is like dry flaky skin which can be thyroid? It can be, it can be.

You know, a lack of essential fatty acids. I don’t need enough. Nuts. I don’t need enough fish. I don’t need enough. Olive oil – I don’t need yes, though, but then if the person is going well, I eat all that.

Then it’s, not getting broken down it’s, not getting through the intestines. It’s, not getting even years into your into your system. You have dry flaky, skin, and so all of these are potential signs of gallbladder.

The gallbladder helps with the secretion and detoxification of a lot of different things. One of the biggest things it helps detoxify is in women. Is your estrogen a lot of people, a lot of women who are who are like estrogen dominant? They may just have bad liver and bad gallbladder Ida.

I have a actually an employee here and we were doing kind of a little bit of a beta trial here on the program. I, those of you who saw my my new year’s high. My new year’s, talk or my new year’s presentation my new year’s.

My years cards to you, I’m verbal cartoon. We talked about how we’re. We’re working on different level programs that maybe we can offer that are more meaningful to people who can’t get here. You know people who you know are wondering whether this actually works or not, and so on and so forth.

So anyway, we we tried it on all of our staff members here, not one staff member here who got our period within like two weeks, just detoxing, just in the initial detox face of one of the programs were considering because it detox their liver.

It detox her gut and a detox, their gallbladder and all the sudden. She started clearing excess estrogen from her system because it was stuck in her gallbladder and was stuck in her liver and she got a period back after two and a half years.

I’m, not having a period, and she was kind of happy about that, but but but so so the gallbladder is a big part of detoxing. Your estrogens now is that a big deal yeah a lot of you like a lot of your women, know too much.

Estrogen is not a good thing. It gets in your cells, ultimately, can lead the cancers, but long before that it can lead to you getting it. Can it can imbalance you and you can get you into depression and you can get all kinds of things from the gallbladder from the gallbladder, not working and and if the gallbladder doesn’t work, the gallbladder and we ‘

Ve talked about this, the gaaah bladder has to work to actually activate the pancreas and to and then to activate the now expanding understanding of the microbiome. It actually helps to to to to cause the immune aspect of the microbiome to work better and that’s, because the gallbladder actually puts out enzymes that help your immune system so called Liars.

A big deal, the mall, the gallbladder works with the pancreas. The decrease in or prevent and decrease inflammation in the intestines, so you can kind of see why this is one of my favorite subjects in a sense so – and I just have one the other day again.

I say that, but this is what I do and the other day. So they are they. I have someone come in and they went through our program and then this is about three years ago and they were doing great and then apparently that stresses in her life went off the diet.

I mean she was came in and just follow my lead all this out. I would hope the diet – and you know – and I I just got back on it ten days ago, I’m feeling much better. The final diet that we had come up with rehearses I I’ve, been kind of on and off with the supplements, and you know so I kind of – and we have a you know when we’re done.

We tell people what supplements you should take. We try to tell it. We try to get him down as few as possible, but the ones we tend and take they better take and, and one of them was gall bladder and one of us gall bladder the other ones hijack lurk acid.

The two things that I just got done saying it: your your your problems will come back or they’ll, never go away. If your, if either one of those aren’t working right and sure enough, you know she.

She had the assessment form was all marked up. She had she had stomach Cynthia pancreas symptom Chicago. I was sent them. She, gas, bloating, blood, sugar symptoms. She had thyroid symptoms, just something called Hashimoto’s and we went when we finally came down to it.

It was her gallbladder and it was her hydrochloric and it was her stomach. So we we started to start the hydrochloric acid again and then we’ll talk about you know what we do for gall bladders what you can do for gall bladders and she’s.

She’s gonna. Do that. I’m gonna see what’s in two or three more weeks. I almost guarantee and she’s. Gon na go back on her diet. I almost guarantee she’s. Gon na be fine, even though the whole thing blew up okay, so it’s.

A big deal temp, like the estimates, are like 10 to 15 to 20 percent of people in America, have gallbladder problems and, and that’s. That’s kind of it’s interesting there’s, different cultures, those of you who might be Indian Americans or Mexican Indians or Canadian Indians.

I don’t, get into the whole reasons. Why, on that? And the politics of it, and all that, like seventy percent of female Canadian women in the end of Indian descent, American Indian descent makes an Indian cent get gallbladder problems and it’s, a lot more than what they eat all right.

But but it’s kind of interesting and her other countries. You go to Africa, it’s like nobody gets it and there’s reasons for that. So it’s. It’s, so this country it’s, about 20 %, about 20 % of people get gallbladder.

You know, and it’s, a lot to do, which dress and there’s, a lot to do with our diet and – and then this allowed to do it probably like seven tons of food by the time we’re, Like 55 years old, so, but whatever it is, you want it working.

Okay, it’s, the most common cause of electric elective surgery in the country, approximately 750,000 surgeries per year. That’s, almost a million okay. I’m. Just gonna use that as round figures, 320 million people, given it’s like one out of 300 people, something like that gets their gallbladder taken out, not just gets a gall bladder problem: okay, 20 % of that 325 million.

Getting gall bladder problems. Eventually but 130 gets it taken out approximately okay, that’s, a lot okay, that’s, not like you know that’s like enough one in 10,000, or even one, a thousand that’s a lot in And and, and it really really shouldn’t be taken out, what happens is is gall bladders how they break down they break down because of stress stress, causes.

Every stress just causes your intestines to slow down when you’re in fight flight. You know your your nature has provided us. This thing this this mechanism that says don’t poop don’t eat don’t pee, because you’re in fight flight.

You’re supposed to be fighting or fleeing, not pooping or peeing, or eating so kind of shuts down your throat. Those of you who have those of you who have trouble swallowing pills, look at your stress response.

It shuts down your stomach. It shuts down the ability to make hydrochloric acid it slows down. Your gall bladder stress is the number one cause of constipation. Constipation could be a lot of things not like a hydrochloric acid.

Pour gall bladder function are among those things. Okay, stress shuts down your your. Your your urinary tract so stress is a big common cause of it. Obviously, eating like a lot of junk is a big cause of it.

Illness is a big cause of illness. Kinsel can its log off your your liver and then that can kind of gunk up. Your up, your gall bladder of fact you long before you get a gall bladder problem. You get sludge in your gallbladder, it’s, been it’s interesting.

I have another case right now and we’ve been working. That case down for for several months and we the case is like probably 90 % better, even better than I thought it was going to be and then – and it was funny we were down to almost our last visits and I was like I keep looking at Looking at this, this, this this assessment form and and everything’s, clearing out except the itchiness, I’m going.

You have a goal of everybody know they checked it out. I’d, have a gallbladder problem, my gallbladder spine. It’s, a jack thing. I said I’m telling you. You have a gallbladder problem, because that’s.

What’s, causing your whole body itchiness? Now I’ve. Had it my whole life and it comes and goes I’m, like we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna work with your gallbladder so and at that point, because we had Already figured out so many other things about chemical sensitivities and pathogens and fixing your gut and everything, Minh and, and that’s.

The other thing that’s, the other thing, the gut problem that was gone, was starting to come back and – and I just got done telling you, you know, fix the gallbladder, it’s. Coming back you know, and, and so we so all we did at this point – was we gave this person a couple of supplements literally within four days, the itching went away that got problems the intestinal problems I tend to use the term gut and that’s very broad, the intestinal problems that were starting to come back, the gas, the bloody gone.

I suspect that was the last piece to our puzzle. We’re, not always fortunate enough to get the whole persons whole system to get functioning again, but in this for the air case that gall bladder was the last thing now.

My point of that was going to be. This tests were normal. I did lab tests on them. Her gallbladder stuff, like the called the GGT, was normal. Her liver enzymes were normal. They had checked her for gallbladder.

Her ejection fraction was proper. What does a gallbladder do it? Just basically is a holding tank for this bile and and and for toxins out of the liver, and it just went when it gets the signal from the stomach to that that it needs to do something.

It goes and it just squishes out bile, okay into the intestines, and then that does all the things we talked about before so long before you get a stone. We’ll talk about that a little bit long before you get a stone.

Okay, you get sludge there’s, no test for sludge. I shouldn’t say that you can do an ultrasound and, depending on how much sludge you AB in there, you might see it and you might not. So you can go in, there, have an ultrasound done and, and they go it’s perfectly normal.

They do your ejection fraction. It’s perfectly normal lab tests perfectly normal. That’s. Why we use assessment forms? The assessment form says that the person was having a little trouble still with the lot of job with the agent is a little bit of trouble, still with a little gas four hours after heating and and and and one or two other things I can’t remember, but the assessment form said there was a gallbladder problem.

Symptoms come can come on five to ten years before you see anything in testing, so this is a problem, so this problem. This is why those of you who have your gallbladder is out. We’ll, be talking to you a little bit about that or going like.

You know what do they think my gallbladder, or why didn’t that you know why didn’t? They know it’s, because we don’t take enough time to do what we’re talking about in this functional medicine, back to basics, which is, if you walk back, we talked about how you have to do a History, an exam first and again, we’re, trying to put together protocols and figure out how I can be comfortable that that person’s, going to give me enough data to be able to tell them which program would be best for Them, in other words, if you’re, going to do a lesser program and I’m, not gonna be involved.

I’m, not gonna be involved very much. I’m gonna have one of my colleagues here at the office be involved. I want to know that if you’re going to be doing this program that there’s a and you’re gonna you know there’s, a cost involved.

If you’re gonna be spending your time, your effort, you’re gonna trust this and you’re gonna pay. Us I want to make sure there’s, an awfully good chance that you’re, going to get improvement from that particular program, and so so so trying to figure that out and and and that assessment form is, I think it’s going to end up being a part of this, but because long before that you’re gonna get bloating.

You’re gonna get distension. You’re gonna get burping after meals. You might get the gallbladder pain up here. You might get an upper back pain, you might just get chronic digestive issues, you might be getting an inability to now you’re, avoiding fats, you’re, avoiding like eating fit.

You know fatty fishes your going to sushi – oh my god like. Why did I eat that hamachi and it’s like you know the overall itchiness, the bitterness, the bitter metallic taste in the mouth, that’s, a big one that your gallbladder bile coming back up into your throat? I get that down.

Then, if I eat too much not that I ever eat too much and so so yeah, so this these things will happen. Sometimes, ten years before anything shows up on an ultrasound all right so bottom line, you will never be able to restore a healthy gut and microbiome function.

If you don’t resolve a gallbladder issue that’s there. So let’s, see what else don’t want to tell you about gallbladder. I think I think that’s kind of like the basics of the background. They were gonna bladder.

Okay. So what do you do about? It so you got a bad call bladder, so the medical profession. What do you do with the with the medical profession that medical profession has some drugs that that will that will break up like so that so the medical profession, usually doesn’t, get involved until they see something on the ultrasound? Okay, the the position there is the position there is.

Is we’re gonna look and see? If there’s floods, we’re, going to look and see if there stones, we’re gonna look and see if the gallbladder is not pumping right. We’re gonna look and see if the gallbladder is is becoming gangrenous and obviously well, not obviously, but if it’s becoming gangrenous that predisposes you the potential of cancer, that’s, what they’re.

Looking for okay, that’s called pathology. If you go in there with a bitter metallic test in the mouth and I can’t, he you know, eat, I can’t eat this. They’re, not gon. Na do anything I can’t eat. I can’t eat fatty.

It’s in something they’re, not going to do anything because that’s, not the basic standard protocol locally or nationally. In the healthcare field it’s like they want to see something they want to see.

They want to see. They want to see liver enzymes up on the test. Okay, they want to see they want to see. They want to see gall stones yeah. You got gall stones and not have any of these symptoms, and that can happen and they’ll.

Take your gall bladder. Okay, you’re gonna, have every symptom in a gall bladder function and not have gall stones and they’ll. Go it’s, not your gall bladder. So I’m, not being a jerk. By the way, those of you watch me, you know I’m, not against the medical profession, but you know I’ve made the point many times that that the medical profession as it’s developed, is more of an Acute pain, acute condition, situation, a pathology situation, let me kill it.

Let me take it out. Let me do something like that, that’s, what they do, okay and and – and so if you got that stuff, that’s where you want to be, you got this stuff. That may not be where you want to be, so there are things that they do is they have biles.

They have kind of bile sequestering drugs that help you to bind your your, your your fats, because you’re, not absorbing them, and any other thing they do. Is they take it out? They do have a medication that they can use.

They do have medication that they can use. Excuse me to kind of unlock it long before you get stones, you get, sludge sludge is manageable, even stones are manageable. Okay, we’re gonna get into that too.

It’s a little bit so so that’s, kind of where the medical profession is on it. Probably before that, I should have done, showed you this. I I thought this was. I thought this would be fun to show you and, of course, I pulled out the wrong thing, not Carrodus, so though this would be fun to show you, so this is uh back in the 50s and back in the 60s and back in the 70s.

This was how you and whether a person probably had gallbladder problems. Okay – and I’m gonna show you what the modified one looks like, but I thought it would be fun to show you that it was. It was female as me.

They said it was, it was being female fat 40, they used the term fat and and – and that was pretty much like okay, that person and and has a gallbladder problem, and then and and today it’s. Today it they’ve expanded it.

They’ve, expanded it quite a bit. Okay, they’ve expanded it once and they have expanded it twice. Why am i showing you this to show you that there’s? A lot of interest in the gallbladder now because people are starting to get how significant it is so risk factors for gall stones there’s, just a ton of them here.

So I’m, going to read them mostly female. More being female, being 40 being overweight, they’ve, changed it to having a high BMI versus calling you fat being a Native American. We talked about that Mexican, American, Canadian, American, being overweight or obese losing weight very quickly because your because you’re, just not absorbing anything, because you’re, not breaking down a lot, because when your gallbladder is not working, it’s not only not breaking down the fats when it’s, not breaking down a fats.

You’re, not absorbing them, but the gallbladder also has to. It also has to alert the pancreas to start working. So it’s, a chain stomach gall bladder pancreas. You pull the plug on the stomach. The gallbladder and the pancreas doesn’t work.

You pull the plug on the gallbladder. The pancreas doesn’t work, pancreas doesn’t work. You don’t break down other other nutrients. They don’t, get absorbed, you start getting like malabsorption, and then you start losing weight quickly being sedentary got to get up move around.

One of the things that you can do to like get your gallbladder like working good is exercise being sedentary. Is bad being it’s, bad, nothing! It’s, not bad, but being pregnant. During a period of time that you already are compromised, you have all the symptoms.

Nobody knows you got to go all that our problem being pregnant, because it puts a lot of stress on the system that can bring it out eating a high-fat diet, eating a high cholesterol diet, obvious reasons: okay, eating a low, fiber diet.

Fiber moves the moves of fat through. So if you don’t have any fiber, it’s, it’s there, and then it overwhelms your gall bladder having a family history of gall stones having diabetes, taking medications that can contain estrogen.

We briefly talked about that. Such as oral contraceptives or hormone therapy drugs, so so that’s, big the drugs that can cause gall bladder problems. We talked a little bit already about estrogen if you’re taking, especially if you’re taking estrogen creams, because you put them on and it’s hard to dose those, and so they get absorbed into your.

They get absorbed into your fat, they go into your system. Usually you’re, going to be taking too much of those okay, a lot of problems with estrogen creams, as they put you into estrogen dominance. There’s, not a good way to measure it.

So what happens there & # 39? S? Is estrogen is supposed to be used all hormones, all hormones you make them. They’re supposed to go where they’re supposed to go, do what they’re supposed to do. Then they’re supposed to go through the liver and the gallbladder and the intestines, and they’re supposed to be detoxified through those three things, and then they’re supposed to end up in the toilet.

Okay, that’s, the that’s, the hormone cycle, if you have constipation, they’re, not ending up in the toilet. If you had a bad liver, they’re, not ending up in the toilet. If you have a bad call bladder, they’re, not anything up in the toilet and if they’re, not hanging up in the toilet, they’re.

Anything up in your liver. They’re going there or they’re gonna end up not being digested properly through your your stomach or they’re gonna get into your fat cells, fat cells or estrogenic, men and women.

They absorb that and so, but it so it puts a tremendous. It puts a tremendous demand on the liver and again, as I discussed when that one came out one case that’s, what happened case with the staff member here we just cleaned her out.

We just cleaned her out and cleaned out her liver. We cleaned out her gallbladder, we clean our stomach all sudden, her estrogen balance came back into into normal and and she had her period with like she came in and she was like.

I just had a period I’m like well that’s, good! You’re, like you know, you’re, like 40 years old, that’s; okay, no! You don’t, get it haven’t had a period in two and a half years, and so and they’ve been normal.

Since I mean I was like six or seven right, I don’t know. I forget six or seven eight months ago that to happen so, okay, so so estrogen drugs will caught statin drugs. You got ta look in the statin drugs.

I will admit. I’m kind of like not a statin drug man. There’s, so many other different ways. You can get your cholesterol down: Minh statin drugs – I had gentlemen in here the other day and he was taking statin drugs.

This doctor hadn’t, given him coq10 as muscles or cramping up. You know the statin drugs do so many things, one of the biggest things it does is it decreases your cholesterol and then, and – and it alters your abilities, cholesterol to synthesize into bile.

That puts a strain on your on your on your gallbladder next thing. You know you get sludge next thing, you know that goes into into stones and so on and so forth. Diuretics diuretics will also increase the the biliary cholesterol saturation rate.

So so you’ll, get too much being being absorbed and then that Gunks up the liver and the gallbladder antibiotics just increase sludge. I talked about sludge. Sludge is sludge, it’s. All these toxins, and all this other bile in the liver that just gets thick and it just won’t, go through the bile duct and won’t.

Go in antibiotics, alter gut function significantly, if you haven’t liked. Taking a probiotic or something like that to get your gut function back, if you’re, even able to do that because you you, if you know good hydrochloric acid, you don’t, have a gall bladder, good, gall, bladder and stuff, and Sometimes that might be hard that, but if you, if you can’t get it back, then the antibiotics themselves will actually increase demand on your gallbladder.

You get the sludge, you get all the symptoms, they take an ultrasound. Maybe they can see the sludge. Maybe they can’t. If you can’t see it, then you’re screwed and then – and we talked about statins already and that decreases gallbladder motility.

Those are the big drugs. Those are the big drugs that you have to look at. Everybody comes in here. I have a list of drugs and I can’t. Remember them all so I have I have so. I have a couple of sheets that I’ve.

Had put in plastic, so I can look at them. I one I have two and a half sheets of drugs that screw up your thyroid. I have you know I’ve sheets of drugs that screw up your your gallbladder, because if you don’t look at those before you start a case.

Now, if we go back to basics and we go into priorities, if you don’t look at those before you start a case, and you got a gall bladder problem and are taking three of these drugs and you’re. Trying to give them some bile salts or something like that to get rid of it, so another clinical pearl there.

So you need to like you need to understand that. So let’s, see let’s. See I see let’s, see they use medicines, okay, so okay, so we already went over. So you get a gallbladder. Basically you get the gallbladder from one of these many mechanisms we talk about.

The gallbladder starts to slow down the gallbladder doesn’t, and then you start to get sludge and then ultimately, you start to get small stones and then later gets larger stones. If you get a stone stuck in in in the duct, this is the duct.

This is called the cystic duct. If you get a that, then they have now. They have lasers that can blow those stones up, and you know if they have your gallbladder taken out. They use medications for the most part.

If you have stones, they’re, taking it out; okay, so so it’s, medications taking it out so and so forth. It’s. It’s, sludge, it’s, it’s, it’s, stones, its blockages and it’s and and somewhere along the line.

Somebody does an ejection fraction on you showing that your gall bladder is slowing down and then it’s and then it’s. Gangrenous larger than the large stones and ganger says kind of like the flow of. Unless you get the gangrenous.

All those are things can be handled. Let’s, see what other things cause gall bladders problems. Brain injury can cause gall bladder problems. So this, why is like one of my favorite subjects? I mean look how long I’ve, been talking about this and look at look at how many things are going on here.

Okay, so like brain to brain injury, a concussion can actually cause your gall bladder to slow down because your brain controls, your vagus nerve, your vagus nerve controls, your the the movement of your gall bladder and if your vagus nerve gets inflamed called hour, starts not working.

So now you’re trying to fix the gall bladder, but you have like this post concussion syndrome and it’s not going away. There are the generative disease like Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer’s. Parkinson’s. These things, notably cause constipation.

They notably slow down the whole bowels. When that happens, gall bladder chronic intestinal inflammation will will will cause the gall bladder not to work, because the gall bladder has sensitivity to information.

We talked about oral contraceptives, Oh ovarian cysts, those of you have polycystic ovarian syndrome, it alters the amount and it can increase your testosterone or can increase your estrogen. Those things will screw up your gall bladder.

Let’s see. I think that’s, it. I think that’s, all of the things that cause gall bladder problems and – and so the outlier is like an interesting thing and it’s. It’s because forever and ever and ever it’s, just been like the gall bladder is like just pumping.

We don’t really need it. Just take it out and we’ll. Give you a medication and we’ll. Give me a call, a saira mean, and you’re good man. No, no! No! No! No! No! It’s. Okay, so I have a call that a problem – or I have my gallbladder out so so let’s, go without my gallbladder out.

Okay got my gallbladder out. What can I do so here’s, the thing hierarchy? If you have your gallbladder out, you know and you got and you got and you have any of these things I talked about. You have nor degeneration from Parkinson’s or you have it from maybe early dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Brain trauma or you have it, because your whole guts in flames or something yeah well, unfortunately, what you got to do is get rid of that, even if you have a gallbladder out, okay. Well, I’m going all our out.

What does that have to do anything? When you get your gallbladder out, you still have a duct that’s called your cystic, duct, okay. This is a little duct, so the gallbladder pumps into this cystic duct and then that this duct dumps into where the it ‘

S called your duodenum, where it’s like the right to the top right outside of your stomach. The top part of your intestines and that and the pancreas dump in and then they they help to digest that that cystic duct becomes your new gallbladder okay and it tries to do the Wobble hours job it should try.

It ends up expanding it’s, a duct, so it’s round it’s round it’s long, but then it ends up becoming like a pouch so that it can so that – and you can imagine So that I can transfer the bio well, you can imagine when you got a gallbladder, and this is this old duck just trying to do what the gall bladders doing.

Maybe it’s. Gon na have a hard time doing a job, and so a lot of times what we’ve seen here is the patient comes in, have every single call letter symptom marked up and I go? Oh, you ‘ Ve got to go all black, probably go.

I don’t, have a gallbladder and I’m like right. I see that on your on your chart, but you have this cystic duct. Well, you don’t, get. Usually you don’t, usually get stones at that point. Usually you have sludge in there, okay and and so it’s pretty standard for me when people come in to and they don’t have a gallbladder because it’s so important.

They’re, going on some sort of a support for a gallbladder, oh yeah, you there or no, I’m, not treating them if they have a gut problem. I’m, not treating them if they have. If there are problems that I have to get to through the guy, I’m, not treating them, because what did I say it’s not easier or not gonna work or it’s.

Gon na go away and come back, and so there are number of supplements there’s. Ginger there’s. Caps of can there’s curcumin there’s. Fenugreek onion enhances the secretion of bile acids and bile sauce there’s, the deliver stuff, the dandelion, the milk thistles.

All of these things can can help that to work. We use a couple of supplements I used to come. I use it number of different companies, but I use this one product from apex. Energetics is the company. I think you can only get those through doctors, though, and it’s called bio men, and it has several of these things in it.

I usually will use bio men and then something another product called lipo men that lipo lipo is like fat, okay, so those two things usually break it down. I usually have them take that for a month, and then I will have them take one of these herbs or botanicals forever, because you don’t have a gallbladder okay, and this is this – is probably one of them there’s.

Probably one of them at people calling go. What can you tell me to do you know it’s like one of the things, I can actually tell you to do. Okay, that’s, going to be good for you that doesn’t really depend on anything else.

You just need to to take this stuff. If you, if you want to, if you don’t have a gallbladder, the chances are you’ve, already decreased your fats and fried foods and carbs, and if you haven’t you should.

You should decrease sugar, like the diet, you know whether you have gallbladder problems or whether you have a gallbladder al. It’s like decrease your fats and oils. After what we talked about for the last 30 minutes or whatever it is or more it’sit’s.

That should be a no-brainer fried foods. Most of you are already not eating it. You know, decrease your carbs, you know not having a gallbladder is not the best thing for people on the ketogenic diet.

Okay, so if you’re on the ketogenic diet, you definitely need to supplement for your gallbladder, even if you have it frankly. Okay, even if you have your gallbladder, you should supplement for that because it puts a demand, high fat diet right.

It puts a demand on gallbladders. Twenty percent of the people have gobblers that’s. All they know forget, remember about the 10 %. That probably have gallbladder problems that they haven’t even figured out housing, yet okay, which is probably more than that 20 %.

So you should be taking that sugar screw it up. You should increase your fiber. You can drink coffee for those of you who can drink, coffee or aren’t stressed out of your mind or you don’t drink coffee, and it makes you better.

Coffee cannot be good for your stomach and your intestines see if you kind of have to gauge that if you have an inflammatory bowel disease, don’t drink coffee. You know I’ve, been planning about disease.

You can drink coffee, coffee, enemas! I’m, not gonna go into coffee, enemas yeah! You know they’re good. Alright, there’s. There’s. The no coffee enemas are bad. Coffee. Enemas are good. They’re good for this.

They’re good for this. I’m, not, and I’m, not everyday coffee and I’m a guy. Okay, but if you have a gall bladder problem, it’ll, get your gall bladder or sludge moving it ‘ Ll get your gall bladder.

If you got small stones, it ‘ Ll get those out there’s. Tons of studies that’ll say that that that will work, and I’m talking still to those of you. Don’t have a gall bladder. I’m kind of talking to both of you right now.

Get into people have a gall bladder a second so anyway, so all of that decreases increases your your irritability. For those of you, don’t have gall bladders. You have a cystic duct that’s. Trying to be the gall bladder, you need the support and bile salts, and I and I’m, a full disclosure.

I just learned this like six months ago. I go to seminars all the time and – and I and I I know who’s, the who’s who and who to go to. I know who’s, a commercial guy. I know he’s good at selling it. I know who’s good at, but but that’s, not where I go.

I go to the people who have been in this since the beginning. The people are doing the research. These people are money, everything they’ve ever told me over the last twenty years has come to fruition and they said don’t.

Take bile salts, I’ve, been taking, tell people to take bile salts forever and and they work, but the position of my mentors who you can trust with your life. I let me tell you, is the bile salts are too harsh over a long period of time.

They’re to us to ours, so you want to go more to these supplements. Okay, so for those of you who have the gallbladder, let’s, go back so don’t, be gallbladder. You have a gallbladder, it’s called it.

It’s called the cystic duct. You just got to keep it moving. Okay, you got to keep the sludge out of there that’s. The way you know you can do it by exercise. Exercise is also really good because you’re.

Moving around it increases vagal activity exercise is good for people who do and do not have a common factor. Size is good for everybody. You can do it if you find the right if you find the right, the right intensity level for you, you have a gallbladder here’s, the thing! Okay, you go to a doctor, you know how you, if you have the symptoms, you have the symptoms.

If you have the symptoms, you’re, one of those people who’s like you’re on your way to stones. Okay, you can get small stones, you can get large stones as the stones are. Not impact is not about what you eat for the most part.

It’s, not about it’s, not about your imbalance in calcium and all that type of stuff. Okay, it’s about it.’s about these things that we ‘ Ve talked about. Excuse me, and, and so well it’s about what you eat it relative to that you got to decrease your your fry, your fats and your oils, and your fried foods and and your carbs and your sugars.

So I’ll. Take that back, so it is about those things, so you have to decrease those things and and – and you can use these herbs and botanicals and these stones will disappear now there are, I you know used to like I used to like, attach all the pure future Episodes but frankly I just don’t have time to do that anymore.

So, but you can look these studies up. You can look on pop PubMed. You can look on the dissolution dissolution of stones by natural means, and there are tons of studies out there that will show before and afters of ultrasounds, where the stones are are have disintegrate, even large stones, even large stones with spikes on them or that, oh, you Got to get it out because it’s, gonna go in your duct and then well.

You know I’ll, wait until it goes in my duct. Let me try this first, the it won’t work, and so so you can do that. You can do that. You do the exercise, you can change the diet, you can do herbs and botanicals and and and and and and those things largely are going to to take care of the problem you can do you can do the olive oil and lemon juice deal.

It works. Okay. There there there’s, a lot of controversy on it, but at that seminar they presented a number of papers and they prevented they showed a lot of studies and they actually show pictures of where the stones would come out, and it would show you That you know what the stones look like and so on and so forth, and then there’s.

The old coffee, enemas, okay, I’m, not gonna get into the details of coffee on us, but I have sheets here for people. I use it for people who have severe gall bladder issues that are not resolving and the other way, and I use it for people who have severe constipation.

I don’t, use it that often most of the stuff that we we do. Everything gets going but but but but there’s there’s. There studies I’ll. Tell you the coffee and episodes don’t work. There are studies that will tell you they do work.

So my experience, my colleagues experiences and my mentors experiences: are they work for these types of things? I would do all of that. The only thing they’re. My reason anybody’s ever taken.

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  1. Hi Dr Martin, I really appreciate the content you are sharing. I agree that if you clean up the liver and gallbladder a lot of other things clear up. About 15 years ago I was scheduled to have my gallbladder removed after a bout of diagnosed pancreatitis. However, I read the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritiz, which comprehensively explains what you were describing. I did the flushes as described in the book and I still have my gallbladder. I recently started having problems again and experienced a gallbladder attack. I took a tsp of Epson salts with water and the pain quickly went away. According to the book, epson salts have a high level of magnesium which greatly relax the bile ducts so the stone can be released.
    Anyway, I have geeked out on the functional approach to resolving my health problems and really appreciate your knowledge. Thank you again.

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