Gallbladder – Functional Medicine Back to Basics

Gallbladder – Functional Medicine Back to Basics

In this segment of Functional Medicine Back to Basics Dr. Rutherford discusses the gallbladder and its roll in chronic conditions.

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  1. Hi Dr Martin, I really appreciate the content you are sharing. I agree that if you clean up the liver and gallbladder a lot of other things clear up. About 15 years ago I was scheduled to have my gallbladder removed after a bout of diagnosed pancreatitis. However, I read the book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritiz, which comprehensively explains what you were describing. I did the flushes as described in the book and I still have my gallbladder. I recently started having problems again and experienced a gallbladder attack. I took a tsp of Epson salts with water and the pain quickly went away. According to the book, epson salts have a high level of magnesium which greatly relax the bile ducts so the stone can be released.
    Anyway, I have geeked out on the functional approach to resolving my health problems and really appreciate your knowledge. Thank you again.

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