Will Thyroidectomy Cure Hashimoto’s?

Will Thyroidectomy Cure Hashimoto's?
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And the question is: will a thyroidectomy cure Hashimoto’s, so the answer is no. I. Why do we do the thyroidectomy? We’re gonna be talking about that tomorrow. But a thyroidectomy takes your thyroid out.

Okay and the problem is that the thyroid ectomy doesn’t address the root cause of the problem and the root cause of the problem is an overactive immune response and it’s. An autoimmune problem that’s, really the root cause of the problem.

The thyroidectomy in this particular light usually occurs when you have driven your endocrinologist badi, because they can’t find a and they can’t find a drug that works for you and you’re still having a significant number Of symptoms, so what I’m, seeing today in the thyroid world is the doctors are have now diagnosed you with Hashimoto’s.

They’ve, tried all kinds of medications. None of them have worked so it’s like let’s, just take it out or radiate it by the way. This could also go along with. Does radiation Joran and the answer is no, and and and not only does it not incur it here their position is we’ll, take it out.

Okay, we’ll, take it out and we’ll. Give you enough thyroid hormone will fine-tune it just right so that it works, which the vast majority of time it doesn’t. So you got number one. You have somebody who’s.

You know giving you exogenous hormones, you know they’re, giving you the levothyroxine or synthroid or or maybe one of the natural ones, but still it’s. It’s very difficult to dose that properly number one number two.

It is very frequent that, because of the positioning of the thyroid, it isn’t taken out completely, and so, if you still have thyroid tissue there and the tissue was getting attacked before you got the surgery, you’re still going to Be getting thyroid attacks from the immune system after the surgery, and you’re still going to end up putting out intermittently excessive amounts of t4, not as much as if you had your whole thyroid, but it’s still there.

It’s, still confusing it’s, still not allowing that person to maybe dose your thyroid that they’re gonna give you the way that they think they’re going to dose it. I think one day they’re gonna figure this out, but for right now there’s, a lot of thyroid coming out there’s.

A lot I was coming out. I’m amazed at how many people put up their hand. Go no give me radiation radiate me and that’s like crazy. They walk into like like like into the room with like a hazmat suit on, and then they tell you, don’t go near anybody for the next several weeks or whatever it is, and so that’s.

That’s. Something that I would avoid, but it will not, it will not cure there and there’s. Another aspect to this too: let’s, just even theorize that they got it all out and let’s theorize that they could somehow figure out the absolute perfect dosing of the exact proper medication for you and which is no small task.

If can even be done, you still have things that are called conversion factors. So most people have Hashimoto’s there. They have digestive problems because Hashimoto’s, can you can either call it can either cross celiac or just can cause your stomach and your gallbladder and your liver and your intestines to not properly digest properly so and and when that happens, you can’t convert that your your proper thyroid hormones or you can’t, convert the the artificial hormones or even the synthetic or the natural hormones that they’re, giving you you can’t, convert them properly into active Properly functioning thyroid hormone, which is called t3 – you can’t, convert the t4 into the t3, the inactive t4 intact.

Under those circumstances, because you still have, even though you have a thyroid, you still have these intestinal problems. So maybe your liver is not working right. Maybe your intestines aren’t working as well as they are.

Maybe the cell sites have slowed down. This is where conversion takes place. So now you have this whole other thing where you take the thyroid medication, but now you go back in the hypothyroid. Are you staying hypothyroid, because that whole issue is still there, even though they took out your thyroid and there’s even more than that, but those are like.

Those are the three biggest reasons that I would that I would say that that know. Taking your thyroid out getting it irradiated is, it does not cure. Hashimoto’s.

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