Why Does Hashimoto’s Cause Puffy Face?

Why Does Hashimoto's Cause Puffy Face?

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Why people get puffiness of the face with Hashimoto’s, so puffiness of the face? Is it’s? Not that common and and so it’s, a question that I don’t get that often, but I thought of being good to answer anyway, just as a different aspect of Hashimoto’s.

So so puffiness of the face is called mix edema. My ex e de ma makes a team and it means that you’re. Getting that you’re. Getting a demon. Edema is puffiness because water is being absorbed into the skin.

You have sugars in your skin different chemical sugars in your skin and under certain circumstances those sugars will start to absorb water, and so one of the one of the main reasons that it happens in the face is hypothyroidism and high most hypothyroidism.

We now know as Hashimoto’s, so basically slows everything down and water fluids not being not going not being processed properly through your system. You have this excess sure in your in your system, probably also because that’s, not getting processed properly because of the hypothyroidism and the sugar tracks.

The water excuse me and the water gets into the skin, and the next thing you know you have all this puffiness. The interesting thing would be a more common question would be. Why do I get mix edema of my shins in our examinations? We always look at a person shins and ankles to see if they have to see if they’re swelling around the shins and they have a demon now edema.

Just for the record is, if you push your finger in there like this, and you go like that, and this and this indentation that you made stays there. It doesn’t it doesn’t elastically pop back. That’s. A that’s, an evaluative procedure to determine whether the person hasn’t makes a demon most of the time.

We see it on that on ankles were you. There are other things that caused it on the ankles. Hypothyroid is almost one of the few things that caused it in the face, and so you press in on that puffiness in your on your ankle and if it just stays there, then you have mix edema and if you have a suspicion of thyroid there’s a good chance that the thyroid is connected to that.

So it’s. Just it’s. It’s, something it’s. It’s, not that common, but it does happen that’s. What it is it is it’s totally part of the whole Hashimoto is slowing down all the physiology, slowing down the processing of your of your of your water, slowing down the processing of your sugar, slowing down, processing of your limp, which is obliquely Really related to what I just got then saying, and that’s, why you get it that’s? Why you get mix edema with Hashimoto’s, you

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