Why Can’t I Lose Weight With Hashimoto’s?

Why Can't I Lose Weight With Hashimoto's?
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Question of the day is one I have heard too many times. Why can’t? I lose weight with Hashimoto’s or better. Yet can you guarantee I’m, going to lose weight when you treat my hush? Yes – and the answer is kind of – I guess no guarantee aren t, but but yes maybe so, why can’t? You lose weight when you Hashima so Kashi Madras is a multifactorial disease.

There’s, so many things that are involved with Hashimoto’s as far as attacking the thyroid and a thyroid affects so many aspects of your physiology. If you keep it simple, Hashimoto’s, I’ll step back to is, if someone comes in here and says, I can’t lose weight.

I’ve done everything I’ve tried. I mean I’ve changed my diet. I’ve, eaten every diet. I’ve gone the Weight, Watchers, Jenny Craig. I I run my bike 20 to 20 miles a day and I ‘ Ve tried a little HCG when I only 500 calories a day and just the whole thing, and I can’t lose weight.

It’s either gonna be a mismanage diagnosis of your thyroid. Mr. manager, silent thyroiditis can be caused by thyroid it’s, going to be mismanaged blood sugar problems or it’s. Going to be miss manage stress responses.

I’ve talked about each one of those. Others is why we you, you can’t lose weight, but let’s. Just stick with the thyroid, so in in the end Hashimoto’s is a autoimmune thyroid disease. Primary problem is a an attack against a thyroid, and I found out a couple of weeks and a couple weekends ago that that there are 39 triggers for Hashimoto’s, that we know of now a lot of Myr.

A lot of remember food sensitivity triggers and these things will beat up the thyroid. I’m keeping this very simple. Okay, because I’m trying to keep these things at five. Six, eight minutes, okay, so so that the thyroid gets beat up, get beat up, gets tired, it starts, you know, start damaging tissue, it’s, not it’s.

Not it’s, not making enough thigh hormone most, but not all most some, some Hashimoto’s. Patients have trouble putting long way, but most Hashimoto’s. Patients can’t lose weight because everything slows down.

They’re, not making they’re, not putting out enough t3. They’re, not putting out enough t4, so the gut slows down. So the gut slows down. Now you get leaky gut now. Yet now you get now you get, maybe you get small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

Maybe you’re, not digesting your food properly. Maybe you’re, you’re, not absorbing nutrients, properly and and and and so everything kind of slows them you, but and and all of that leads to you not making enough energy in your cells in the end, you know you’re not making enough energy, it’s, the old used to be the old! Well, you got to go, eat less calories and go in and exercise more and that works for some people, but it doesn’t work for Hashimoto’s, people, because all of that stuff goes to cause you to not get proper nutrients To your to yourself, mitochondria are little organelles in your cells.

They make energy. You’re, not making areas. You’re, not gonna lose weight. I mean you’re, not going to lose weight and those are the energy things, so you can exercise, exercise, exercise, exercise it doesn’t matter.

You get an imbalance in bacteria in your gut. You can get something called lipopolysaccharide small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. You can get bacteria in your gut bad bacteria, in your gut that can actually break down, and then the leftover pieces of the cell walls of those bacteria can get through your leaky gut, which is probably caused by your Hashimoto’s, and a number Of other things, and then that can make its way around your system that can create a lot of inflammation.

Claud can cause joint pain, a lot of other different things, but one of the biggest things that it can do is cause your insulin to not work right. So if your insulin, doesn’t work right, your insulin, receptors, doesn’t work right.

Cortisol insulin keeps trying to hit your cells. It keeps trying to get the blood sugar from your food into your cells. It’s not getting in there. It’s not going to utilize, properly and and so the down into triglycerides, and the next thing that’ll.

Make you put on weight before that? The insulin is highly inflammatory. Insulin raises something called cortisol: cortisol gets high blood sugar that’s high. For no reason at all anything you eat, causes your you know: food sensitivity, you eat you, you you have this cortisol! That gets high.

The next thing. You know you’re, creating high blood sugar from eating broccoli. What you were allergic to your and your blood Sugar’s. Going up, you can’t lose weight and you’re gonna like what the heck’s going on here.

I know I don ‘ T expect you to follow these patterns. I’m trying to make a point here. This is like multiple vicious cycles. Stress stress will cause a problem with your thyroid. Stress can be a trigger to Hashimoto’s.

Hashimoto’s starts getting an inflammatory response. You have stress hormones, Hashimoto ‘ S goes through all the things I just got done, telling you or – or you have just stress hormones, in addition to the stress hitting the thyroid, both of those increase inflammatory responses, both those increase that’s, fire cortisol both of those increase, your blood Sugar next thing you know, I can’t lose weight and there’s more than you just addition, just the immune inflammation from the thyroid starts breaking down the thyroid, and most of you are Hashimoto’s hypothyroid, and so The more hypo you get, the more your energy levels, don’t work and the more you end up putting on weight.

Fibroid somebody comes in here and says: look I’ve tried everything I can’t. I cannot lose weight. Historically, I’m gonna look at thyroid blood sugar. We just talked about that adrenals, which is the stress response and anytime anything happens.

If you get a bad bacteria and it flares up inflammation and hit your thyroid, it creates a hypothyroid response. You’re, not gonna, be you’re. You’re, not gonna make enough energy. Your mitochondria gonna go down any one of those 39 triggers can cause you to create an inflammatory response attach the thyroid.

You, you’re, damaging thyroid, actual thyroid gland, Uhler tissue. Where you make your thyroid hormone, you’re, not making that like this, you’re, not gonna lose weight, so thyroid Fletcher adrenals stress I mean I could go on and cover everyone who’s, not sure what all Comes down the same thing you, with the exception of the thin Hashimoto’s, patient who can’t put on weight because their thyroid is being attacked so much that those might have caught her going like this and and they’re, like burnin net calories like crazy, just sitting in their chair.

They I mean, I use the case example of the lady who came in here. Some look. I mean fifty nine calories a day. I’m riding my bike. Twenty miles a day for a year I’ve lost eight pounds. I stopped doing it for a week and I put five back on that’s, that’s.

That’s, that’s. Hashimoto’s; thyroiditis it’s. It’s. You have to get the immune, inflammatory responses down by figuring out what the triggers are and that that it could be food sensitivities. It can be toxicities, it can be nutrient deficiencies, it can be bad bacteria.

It could be a number of things you that’s, the that’s; the battle that’s about them. That’s. Why, when you have Hashimoto’s, thyroiditis it’s, hard, loose and and – and I said some people don’t lose weight, will get people will figure out every single new trigger that we that we can – and I would Say I would honestly think I would say that 90 % of people come in here with Hashimoto’s, who can’t lose weight all right, I would say 90 % lose weight.

Very the grease and don’t lose all the weight that they wanted because there’s. Other reasons: okay, but but then there’s. That group there’s. A small group that doesn’t lose the weight, no matter what we do and, and so there’s, probably more triggers that we don’t know about yet.

I ran out with this seminar a couple of weeks ago. You’re, going to hear about some of this stuff because I’ve learned some really cool stuff, not a ton of it, but enough to go like oh, my god. This is gonna, be really helpful, and so so we’ll, be talking about some of that, but yeah.

This is an evolving situation and and and it’s, it’s, a conundrum, but for the most part, that is the core kind of explanation of why the Hashimoto’s. Patient can’t lose weight. You

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