Which Test For Hashimoto’s?

Which Test for Hashimoto's?

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Which test do you do to, to figure out whether a person’s got Hashimoto’s or not. There’s a few nuances to this that we may cover later on in some of our other series presentations on this, but the tests themselves, there’s two.

So when you go to the doctor and they do the TSH, they do your thyroid stimulating hormone, T4, your T3, those are for thyroid function and they have nothing to do with whether you have Hashimoto’s or not. So the test that the doctor should run to determine whether you have it is twofold. One is called ATPO, T like in Tom, P like in Paul, O like and Oreo cookie and it stands for thyroid peroxidase enzyme and that’s the enzyme that takes the T, so your thyroid hormone that is mostly made in your thyroid is called T4. So it takes the T, which is tyrosine and it puts it together with four iodines and that makes your T4. That enzyme is what does that. So that enzyme gets tagged by antibodies to be attacked by your immune system. So that’s one. Thyroid peroxidase enzyme, TPO enzyme. They’re one in the same test.

The second test is the antithyroglobulin test. So globulin means protein, basic league. This is not an attack. This is not an antibody tagging an enzyme for an attack. It’s an antibody attacking or attaching to your actual thyroid tissue. The actual tissue in which the enzymes and the chemical reactions that make your thyroid hormones take place. So that’s called an antithyroglobulin hormone. The ranges on those are significantly different and that’s something that we’ll be covering in the future.

This was basically the genesis of this presentation was a question that asks, what do I do? What do I do to find? Is there a test? Is there a test for Hashimoto’s? Yes and what is it? That’s what it is. It’s those two. If you go to the LabCorp, they, they actually have a panel there. It’s just called thyroid antibodies and if you ordered that panel, these are the two. These are the two ranges that you would get.

So that’s it for today. TPO antibodies, antithyroglobulin antibodies. Those will tell you whether you have Hashimoto’s.

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