What is a Hashimoto’s Flare Up?


What is the hashimoto’s flareup? Okay, so the question for the day is what is a hashimoto’s flare-up, so hashimoto’s man hashimoto’s can print that sound itself in so many different ways, it’s crazy and it can have so many different triggers and the the numbers can be all over the place.

And so there’s a variety of things that would that would tell you if, if your your particular hashimoto’s syndrome is first unstable, it has to be unstable for you to get flare-ups and what that means is that the immune system has reached the level of attacking your Thyroid uh at a high level, at a very high level, and and and so there’s like 40 triggers and you’re gonna have a number of them.

If you have hashimoto’s and and as these triggers start to continue to um be incurred by you as life goes on, your immune system is going to become more and more reactive to them and not everybody’s, not everybody’s, but but person who has a flare-up their your Immune system is very reactive to it um it might be because you have a viral infection, and a lot of these triggers can can create a more susceptible patient.

It could be that you actually have a viral infection in your thyroid. It could be any number of different viruses. It could just be that your that your th1 system, which is the system that attacks most of the time, um that that could be overactive but the point being what you’re going to be experiencing is, is a combination of hypo and hyper thyroid symptoms.

And so those hypo and hyperthyroid symptoms are going to be. The hypo is going to be i’m overweight. My hair is falling out my skin’s dry. My i’ve got constipation, i’m fatigued, i can’t get out of bed.

I have good days. I have bad days on my good days. I do everything i can’t do on the bad days and i crash and my hair is falling out. I think i said that one already and then intermittently, what’s going to happen, is you’re going to get hyper symptoms when you’re getting the hyper symptoms is when you are having a degree of flare up.

Some are smiled and some are off the charts and that’s harp anxiety. Panic attacks, heart palpitations night sweats on some, the uh inward tremors um. Those are the main ones. Okay, now, as it starts to really ramp up in those people who have those symptoms.

Now you can start getting actual physiological abnormalities from your. Your your reflexes will become hyper reflexive you’ll. Your heart, like i said, will start pounding. Maybe you’ll start sweating.

You might start getting a lot of sweating on your palms. You might stop blinking. I mean this is when you start getting when you get a big flare up and you start having seeing those types of things, but the main thing, but the main thing is your thyroid, your thyroid as well.

Your thought. You know it’s funny um. When, once i started palpating thyroids, i was in shock. How many people came in here was told their thyroids were normal and i would put my fingers there and they go.

Oh, that hurts because their thyroid was in inflamed and it was swollen, but i but and and so there’s all different degrees of that i mean i’ve had people in here where i’m doing a i’m doing a a video consultation and i can see their thyroid.

You know literally pulsating. Okay, some people get goiters, but but a flare-up is like when your thyroid flares up yeah. That means you, you may have difficulty swallowing it. May it may. It may cause your throat to to close, or it may cause your your voice to change and it’s and it’s usually tender and you feel terrible.

Usually when you get a flare-up, you feel terrible. You don’t feel good. You know you feel like. Maybe you got ta, you might even feel, like you have a flu, because viral issues can can can frequently be involved with flare-ups of that nature, so they’re they’re, pretty severe um.

As far as a thyroid patient goes, the the when you start getting to the point where you know you’re sweating and your heart’s palpating and then your thyroid’s tender and it swells up and it’s gonna and and people who really are like.

Let’S say, seven, eight. Nine ten on this scale, maybe six seven, eight nine ten on the scale of hashimoto flare-ups, i mean usually they’re going to be able to feel their thyroid they’re going to know it’s swollen and puffy.

It’S going to be tender and then it’ll go down and then it’ll go down when the when when now – maybe maybe you – you know maybe you’re having a day where you’re totally relaxed you haven’t, eaten anything.

It’S going to flare. Anything up you haven’t over exercised. You haven’t done any of the number of things that, when you put them all together will trigger this particular type of stress huge trigger, but you usually have to have a number of these other things going on for for that to florida.

But it’s really about you going into significant hyper function and most notable flare-ups you’re going to get you’re going to get swelling and if you’re getting that by the way i mean you’re missing a lot of triggers if you’re, even knowing.

If you even know what i’m referring to as triggers, but if you’re missing that that is accumulation of a lot of triggers that are just putting you on the edge and then one day you don’t sleep enough. One day over, you overdo it one day over exercise or you just do too many things, or maybe you eat something, that’s a particular trigger for hashimoto’s or you eat something that’s a particular trigger for you and boom, and then it’s off to the races and and The flares can last for weeks on weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks they can last for a couple days.

They can laugh or they can last until you finally find somebody who knows how to help you to get out of it, so they could. Last for months, so yes, there are such things as hashimoto’s flares, that’s what they look like and uh, and when you get them you just need to know.

You need to find somebody to help you get out of not just that flare but get you know the all the underlying stuff under under control to the degree as possible. So you don’t have those flares anymore and that’s at the end.

That is possible to do so. Those that is kind of the cliff notes summation of hashimoto’s flares. You

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