Supplements for Hashimoto’s

Supplements for Hashimoto's

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Hashimoto’s this this used to be really big. When I first started when Hashimoto’s, first came out, we were first starting doing OSH. Most people would be like people to be like. I read this book about Hashimoto’s and it makes that sounds like me, and you know, and so I came here or you know, I went to my endocrinologist and it’s, just not working in the it’s.

Just I mean I’m, taking the medication I’m, not feeling it better. I’m feeling worse, and so I came over here to see if you have any like herbs and botanicals that’ll work for us, you motors. The answer is yes, and no, mostly no Hashimoto ‘

S is not immune disease. You have to dampen the immune inflammation first, so there are so many things that can cause that stress hormones can cause that bacterial infections can cause that toxins can cause that deficiencies and vitamin D which you all have can actually contribute to.

That or cause that deficiencies and D vitamins can cause that stress hormones can cause that. I think I already said that pretty much pretty much anything creates an inflammatory response and if you have leaky gut, you have food sensitivities, your food allergies, pretty much anything that you have that causes an inflammatory response is what really needs to be treated now.

You may use supplements to treat those things, okay, and, in that case it’s. It’s as highly individualized as to what you’re, going to treat for the person now that’s, the no part that’s, the know there’s, not specific supplements for Hashimoto’s.

The yes part would be this okay. So in autoimmunity there’s like five different parts to autumn UT. I’m, not going to go into all those parts. I’m just going to tell you there’s there’s, a part that causes inflammation there’s, a part of the immune system that’s supposed to dampen that attack from attacking your Thyroid there’s, another part of the the immune system that actually does the attacking they are supplements for each of those, and so the I like the Fab.

Five for autoimmunity is probably some form of an anti-inflammatory. My favorites, like turmeric and and probably polyphenols so my favorite, is resveratrol. Vitamin D glutathione glutathione is always low in autoimmunity.

For those of you who may not be aware that and nitric oxide, you know, I just saw something the other day online, who looked like a personal trainer or a nutritionist saying nitric oxide was overrated, so I’m, not sure when it was over 84, but it stops the kill, it stops, the actual kill, the actual, the actual damage that’s being caused by the by the autoimmune problem.

However, okay, if you still got a leaky gut, if she’s still got small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. You know I’m enough. Hydrochloric acid, in your stomach. You have h pylori you’re stressed out of your mind.

You got you know you got, you got all kinds of a parasite whatever all these other things have to be gotten rid of or dampen for those supplements to work. So when you CY say yes and no – and I give that kind of a yes like I like, I use those something that’s all most of our autoimmune problem and I don’t use all of them on all the autoimmune Problems just depends on on what parts of that immune response or are engaged in that particular patients case, so that’s kind of like you know, so again, everybody’s.

Looking for a silver bullet, I’ve, been doing this forever and peeps they’re. People are still looking for a silver bullet. They want to know what supplements to take for Asha Moto’s and it’s, not like that.

It’s. It’s, not like that. So so that’s, the that’s kind of skinny on supplements of Hashimoto’s. The answer is, like you got ta, take care of all the information. First, you got to detox him. You got to D inflame them.

You have to you have to get other things under control. You have to get the blood sugar under control. Now you can start to use those specific, auto immune fab 5, as I just put it, and then you’ll start to get some really good results.

You can use them in the beginning. You might get some response, you might, you might use them in getting and not get any response ago. Those stupid things, don’t work and when they would work, if you were taking care of the other things so encapsulated that’s.

Like the skinny on supplements in Hashimoto’s,

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