Selenium and Hashimoto’s

Okay, so we’re getting questions on selenium, suddenly uh over uh the recent weeks – and i don’t know a month or two and i have been seeing selenium, show up more and more and more in the vitamin lists.

The patients who come in and to uh to my office and so um the question is: should i be taking selenium for hashimoto’s and the answer is again? Yes and no, i say again because i say that a lot. The answer is again yes and no selenium has been shown to it can be pretty interesting.

It can be pretty pretty helpful in certain cases. Now you have to understand. If i get 100 people to come in here with hashimoto’s they’re all slightly different, they all have slightly different triggers.

They also are at different stages of disease, where someone may have hardly any damage to their thyroid. Others are like a ten like you can’t touch your thyroid, it swells. It goes down and and everything in between so that has and then and then and then there are 39 different triggers for hashimoto’s.

If you wonder why you’re having a hard time figuring things out, these are many of the reasons, okay and and and so and then, and so different parts of their system are being affected, who whose pancreas is being affected.

Who’S not who’s, got oral tolerance problems. Who doesn’t that type of stuff? So you have to have like an organized way of going about it, because you have all that going on in enter selenium. Okay into that whole mishmash and, under i would say, mild to moderate symptoms.

I think selenium in and of itself, probably gives you uh uh some advantage and what it it it’s been shown to dampen immune inflammation to the thyroid, and it’s been shown to be able to correct thyroid, stimulating hormone numbers, and that’s what’s interesting about it.

Is it’s been a it’s it’s shown to get high numbers low means a down and low numbers up, so that’s pretty wild and it’s pretty cool but but but depending on you, depending on how many triggers you have going depending on how much inflammation you have and If you get a lot of inflammation, it’s going to take a little bit more than uh the daily dose of selenium that’s on the bottle and by the way they put the dosages that they put on those bottles are low.

You know usually well – maybe i shouldn’t say this, but usually usually the dosing needed for that particular person who has hashimoto’s is higher than what they put on the bottles. However, i don’t know what yours would be.

Okay, so don’t go dosing up because i said that and because i don’t know where, where you would stop based on, i don’t have all this information in front of me. So so again, the answer is yes. No, it’s not going to hurt here’s what i i when i have people come in and they’re taking selenium.

I ask them. I say how’s that done and if they say i don’t see any difference, um then i just then i just have them not take it, because what we’re going to do is going to um, probably get the inflammation down better and then at the end, if their Tsh is high or low and and their doctors won’t work with us to you know you know, to adjust their hormone replacement therapy properly.

Then maybe i’ll use selenium and i’ll throw another one in there on you or orc or myo-inositol those two kind of work good together under the circumstances of that person, is the appropriate collect, uh candidate for them to work together? If the patient says yes, i think it’s really helped me.

I just haven’t stay on it. Why wouldn’t i i just have them stay on it and then i work with all the other things that are going on, but that’s dampening inflammation in their system. Apparently, and it’s doing what it does to to to alter their tsh in that particular person, and so and i don’t – i don’t – really have a percentage of like 50 50 or something like that.

I mean the best, because i kind of look at each case individually, and i really haven’t. I’Ve really only been seeing this selenium thing, even though i’ve been aware of it, probably since 20, probably since 2008, that i’ve been aware of it.

I’M sure it’s been around. Even longer than that – and so i don’t know what’s going on – is actually why i’m seeing so much of it on people’s vitamins list and now we’re seeing a lot of a lot of questions on it.

But but it it’s it’s. So it’s legitimate! It’S not it’s! It’S something to try. Uh, you don’t know what the dosage is gonna. Be you don’t know where you are relative to damage and so on and so forth. So i can’t guide you on dosage, but if you try it, you feel better.

I would keep taking it if you try it, you don’t feel better um, then you’re either going to find somebody who maybe can say, here’s what the dosage is and there’s websites. There’S there’s there’s websites that will tell you what the dosages are.

I’M not saying that they’re totally one thousand percent for sure totally trustworthy, but they can give you an idea of maybe, if you’re taking like like and i’m not going to even go milligrams. If you’re taking this many milligrams and they’re saying you should be taking those.

Many, i don’t think it’s a problem if you try that and see how it works, but so it’s kind of nebulous it’s it’s. It’S depends on the patient. It depends on the stage of damage that they have in their thyroid.

It depends on how many triggers they have. It depends on a lot of things, trial and error – probably not going to hurt if, if, if you take it and and you feel better, it’s probably not your um – it’s probably not your imagination and and and that’s kind of the skinny on on selenium.

I mean it is a it’s not a drug, you know, so it’s it’s usually not going to it’s really not going to hurt to to to play with a little bit and see if it’s right for you, you

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