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Okay, so today we’re going to talk about how do we reduce your reactions to chemicals and we’ve talked about chemicals, so um? So what do you do about it? So it’s an interesting thing. First, the first thing you do is try to get rid of as many of them as you can, but but the topic is, how do i reduce my reactions to it? So chemicals are largely.

The most profound effect is on the liver, okay, your liver. Does there used to be 350 things now? I think it’s up to 500 things that you’re that you’re 500 metabolic pathways that your liver is involved in literally okay, but it, but they have several major pathways, and i i think i’m correct in saying that its most prominent pathway is a glutathione pathway and so You’Ve probably heard of glutathione, if you haven’t you’re, going to okay, because glutathione is a major major, major player in being getting well and staying well in autoimmunity and here’s the reason why 25 of approximately 25 of the listed known triggers that trigger immune thyroid disease or Perpetually keep triggering it our toxins, our chemicals, our bpa, they’re, they’re, they’re plastics, they’re, formaldehyde they’re.

All these things that that we live in we live in this soup of chemicals, so glutathione is the the glutathione pathway is the pathway that is designed to take this chemical. So this chemical is actually an entity, it’s actually a molecule.

Okay, it comes into you, you breathe it in. You know comes in through your lung or you put it on your skin and it’s absorbed through your skin, but eventually it finds its way to your liver because you’re, that’s what your liver is there for whatever’s there for alcohol, drugs, uh toxins, those types of things To you know it’s one of the major pathways in in what your liver does, the glutathione pathway being the guy rather toxins glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant known to man, i’m pretty sure that’s still a correct statement and it is made in our cells and is Made in our liver, it’s actually hard to get autoimmunity.

If you don’t, if you have enough glutathione in your system, uh, because it’s it does such a good job in also working with, along with vitamin d to dampen immune inflammation, it does so many things it heals.

Your leaky gut it does sicilian things. I should just do one on glutathione so, but but if you don’t have enough glutathione you’re going to you’re going to have chemical sensitivities now um, because that pathway is going to be overwhelmed, then the glutathione is going to get used up.

The glutathione comes in it literally grabs the molecule okay and then it literally like you know, crushes it. So it’s to a degree, but it it brings it through a pathway where it, where the pat, where it neutralizes it so that it can have a uh, a another chemical attached to it, which makes it water soluble.

And then it goes through phase two pathway and then it of detoxification, and then it goes out into the feces or then the toxins go out into into the toilet um. So the the best thing to do is to keep your liver in good shape.

Um. If you really wanted to take that to uh to a full picture, how do you keep your liver in good shape? Well, you try not to be stressed. You get enough sleep. You probably stopped drinking alcohol, but one drink a day is good.

One drink a day causes damage to the liver causes damage to the inside of your intestines causes damage to the inside of your your your stomach, not as much as six drinks a day, but still it’s ethanol.

It screws up your cerebellum. It just does a lot of things; it is not a like, don’t drink type of thing. This is just this is just how it works. This is what ethanol does to your system and and and and since your your liver has to process the alcohol, and most people know that if you drink too much alcohol, now, i’m not talking about those people in general that but it’s gonna it’s gonna Beat up your liver? Well, even one drink causes causes uh some astringency to to your to your liver, so so that your liver is where it’s at when it comes to detoxing you from from all of these chemicals or making.

You not react to the chemicals now. So the first thing i do is is get rid get the liver under control. But if you have a bad gut you’re going to want to get the bad gut under control too, because if you have a bad gut, then a lot then you’re going to get leaky gut and if you get leaky gut bad bacteria, toxins, undigested food particles, they’re.

All going to get out of your intestines they’re going to go into your bloodstream and guess where the first stop is once they get in your bloodstream. The liver while liver is where food sensitivities are formed and a lot of my people come in.

They have 40 50, 60, 70, 80 90 food sensitivities all formed in the liver. The liver helps with your blood sugar. If your blood sugar is going all over the place, your diabetes type, two, your liver, is overworking trying to trying to work with your pancreas and your adrenals to control your blood sugar.

So you really need to. I think what the people, the person who asked this, i think, was probably looking for the silver bullet if the silver bullet, if you don’t want to do all that, other stuff is um, probably to pack yourself full of of glutathione at high doses, but but the Real answer is, is you have to kind of get the gut under control and you have to make sure that the liver is is detoxing, so you have to kind of figure out if your digestive system is working, you have to figure out.

If you got a leaky gut, you have to um. If you have autoimmune disease, you probably have to um address that to some degree, preferably with an alternative approach, because that puts a tremendous demand on on on the liver when, when it flares up and then now you have now, you have the liver-like in kind of Good shape now the glute.

Now you use the glutathione, it really works. Now i can. I can use an example um. For me, i have eczema, okay and i, and and so, and i and and i do all the right things i sleep properly. I get nice exercise, i i don’t eat anything.

I have celiac, so i don’t need gluten and i have hashimoto’s. So i don’t do iodine all these other things. I do all of that, but but if i don’t take – but on top of that i also kind of have poor, liver and pancreas pancreas function, and so for me.

I have to do all that and then, on top of that, take 800 milligrams of glutathione a day. Now, if i don’t take those 800 milligrams a day, despite the fact that i’m doing everything else to make my uh my digestive system, my liver, happy.

If i don’t take that 800 milligrams, literally within, like less than seven days, my my eczema will start to present itself. Okay and i’ll go. Oh, i ran out of glutathione, it’s really expensive stuff, so i should i should have kept taking it, and so so so i so i go take it literally and again, because this glutathione is being laid in on top of a system that is um pretty pretty.

Well as balanced as can be for someone who has five autoimmune conditions, um it it. I, when i layer it back in because i’m doing all the good stuff literally within 48 hours, my eczema will go back away, so i mean there’s a lot to it.

I guess that’s my point. Okay, my point is: is um, there’s not a silver bullet if there, if there was a silver bullet depending on where your physiology is possible, if you put you know, if you put 800 milligrams or so or maybe more of glutathione in there, it might work, it Might work on bringing it down uh bringing down your chemical sensitivity, reactions uh, but likelihood is you’re gonna you’re gonna need to you’re gonna need to you know, fix your leaky gut you’re gonna need to because most people who have those reactions have A leaky gut so you’re gonna have to fix your leaky gut, get rid of your food sensitivities, you’re going to have to detox your liver if it needs to be detox and most peoples do, and so it’s a little bit of process um the there’s that Then the glu and then the glutathione, you know it’s a i mean liver detoxification, of course, is a part of that, so any of the any of the types of detoxifications that you are familiar with.

I mean every good. Vitamin company has a good liver, detox, product and and and then there’s the milk thistles and the all the things you probably already know about, but that’s really where it’s at chemical sensitivities, that’s where it’s at it’s it’s liver, gallbladder, which i kind of chunk together.

It’S liver, gallbladder, glutathione and fix everything else that needs to be fixed. You

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