Pro Inflammatory Diet and Hashimoto’s

Okay, so today we’re going to talk about the pro-inflammatory diet and hashimoto’s, so inflammatory diets are one of the many triggers of hashimoto’s thyroid disease and inflammatory foods are um a lot of protein foods.

It’S it’s meats and and eggs and and um. Just all a lot of a lot of things that are hard to digest more or less a lot of meat, a lot of meat and so um grains grains are there, and this is not. The intention of me is to go through the whole pro-inflammatory diet, because the pro-inflammatory diet, um or the pro-anti-inflammatory diet is um.

It was, it was pretty much put together for autoimmune, autoimmune patients and, i think, was put together by sarah valentine and and it’s when it’s still used a lot. It’S still used quite a bit uh for for autoimmunity.

Now i i’ll make a caveat and why and the reason that you want to follow a pro-inflammatory diet and the reason i’m not getting into i mean you can look. Pro-Inflammatory diet up online and you’ll be anti-inflammatory and you’ll be you’ll, be reading for days and there’s different people.

Who’Ve put them together, but the the original and the classic is the uh anti in autoimmune. Paleo diet is that’s the original anti-inflammatory diet and i’ve used it for years, but i don’t use it as much as i used to the premise of it is correct.

The premise of it is it takes out all the foods that creates inflammation in your system. 75 of your immune system, 70. However much it is depending on who you’re reading is in your intestines uh, and so it makes sense that if you have autoimmunity, you start dampening inflammation in your intestines 75 of your immune system.

Is there you’re going to start dampening immune, inflammatory responses against your thyroid? Having said that, there’s a little caveat in here for me about 75 70 percent of my patients come in and have something called small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

So and that’s a lot of my patients to have that, so if you go on the autoimmune paleo diet, then you will probably blow up you’ll, probably start getting bloating and gas and distension. If you are one of people who have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

So if you do that, then you need to know that you need to go to at the very least a low fodmap diet. Another caveat is, if you get on the autoimmune, paleo diet and you don’t seem to be doing well and you’re and and you’re not bloating up or even if you are bloating up and if you haven’t um and if you don’t know your food sensitivities.

Of course, the automated paleo diet removes all of your food sensitivities and then eventually you’re supposed to start reintroducing them. My experience has been that if it takes too long to reintroduce the foods – in other words, i i introduce a food and then and then i do that food for three days and then, if it doesn’t react, i go to next food.

Depending on how many foods you are introducing, that can take a long time so that can discourage people if they have blow-ups along the way like they have several times where they react to foods, that they’re still reactive to uh those blobs for an autoimmune thyroid patient.

Could be a couple of days, they could be a couple weeks so that can that can be a little bit of a hassle and so um so and and it and so you know, we know you have food sensitivities. That’S why that’s why you do the automated paleo diet is to dampen those while you’re able to treat so you dampen the situation with the diet and then the supplements that you’re going to take for whether it’s for your digestive system or whether it’s for your small Intestinal bacteria, or whatever, are now going to work better, but the prob, but the problem is, is if it takes too long for you to get foods, reintroduced your digestive system, which has got to be broken down for you to get small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, or for You to get um the need to do an autoimmune, paleo diet uh your digestive system, even though you take that inflammatory response away.

It still takes time for it to heal, and so, if it takes too long to reintroduce your foods, you might start getting confused because you might start getting new food sensitivities to the foods that you are now eating on the autoimmune paleo diet, because, because broken down Digestion is what causes food sensitivities so the dilemma.

So that’s a little bit of a dilemma there in previous videos up until maybe three years ago. I would, i would recommend not doing food sensitivity testing because it was pretty uh pretty uh unreliable, but over the last three years and and there’s there over the last three years.

Food since they’ve, now pretty much gone. Full bore uh antibody testing, which is good, which is what it was. It was not that before who was doing hair analysis and those types of things so and so and and the testing procedures have come gotten better.

So i have i i particularly like the cyrex 10 and um, and i like uh, a vibrant. A company has a has a nice one that tests like 250 foods and they seem to be consistently excellent to me. So i use those two depending on.

What’S going on, so i will, i will so i’ll say so, anti-inflammatory diet. I would do my i today what i do to help my patients to get through this more efficiently and and effectively and to not have this long string of months of reintroducing foods is.

I am doing these food sensitivities right up front food sensitivities are are one of the largest groups of um of triggers for hashimoto’s, so we get that right out of the way up front, usually we’ll use other diets if the person has sibo if they have that Oral tolerance issue: we might use a combination of those two diets and then once we get that person you know noticeably feeling better.

Their symptoms are a lot better. Then we’ll start reintroducing foods, that’s usually about four or five four or five um weeks. In maybe six weeks in, if they have sibo and usually – and it works out pretty well that way, so the the introductions go a lot faster.

The people get a lot better, a lot faster so when they have exacerbations from the reintroduction they’re not as bad um and and and it just really really really works out a lot better. But but so the anti-inflammatory diet is a must.

It’S like it’s like a must. The diet is the best place to start because it calms everything down and it and allows everything to work better. You start to find out a lot of symptoms go away, and then you start to be able to understand your case by knowing okay, that was diet.

Those those joint pains was diet. Okay, that fibromyalgia pain was diet or that brain fog was diet, so so it starts to allow you to really understand your case. I mean i always start with diet and um and that’s it so yeah anti-inflammatory diet huge trigger, i, i would argue, maybe the largest top five top five one of the top five largest triggers for automotive thyroid disease.


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