PHT 192: Power Health Questions and Answers

On the first Tuesday of every month we will be answering some of the many questions we receive. If you would like to submit a question please do so here:

Questions answered:


    Do you ever see patients who experience inner tremors? Can you address what this might be all about?

  • Can you have fibromyalgia and not have IBS and not hurt when someone hugs you or touches you?
  • How do you treat slow COMT?
  • I have syncope, fatigue, loss of appetite and fast heart rate, and the doctor told me I have syncope no specific. I were wondering could it be POTS
  • I like your videos, but not much info about herbs or supplements
  • Wondering if Pre-workout powder supplements that are filled with caffeine and other stimulants (like the ones that bodybuilders use) can possibly lead to cerebellar fatigue causing symptoms similar to vestibular disorders that cause true vertigo, followed by residual symptoms of dizziness, disequilibrium, fullness/pressure/congestion in the ear? Could these supplements also permanent damage?

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