PHT 047: Peripheral Neuropathy – The Main Causes and Treatment Options

Today we are discussing Peripheral Neuropathy.  Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition affecting upwards of 20 million adults in the United States and also 1/10 individuals over the age of 65.  Likely you know someone with peripheral neuropathy.  Most patients are informed there is nothing that can be done for this condition, and that they will just have to live with it.  However, today we are presenting the most recent concepts in managing peripheral neuropathy including therapies that do not include medications.

Thus far, we have done broadcasts on small fiber peripheral neuropathy and diabetic peripheral neuropathy, but today we are going to talk about the 80+ causes of peripheral neuropathy and how we manage many of these in our office.  In addition, we will be discussing new treatment options for those who suffer with this disabling disorder.

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