PHT 044 : Weight Loss, Beyond the Calories, Part I

Today we are discussing “Weight Loss, Beyond the Calories, Part I.”   For decades the prevailing notion in dieting has been that obesity is secondary to consuming too many calories, and by reducing caloric intake one should be able to lose weight.  There is no arguing that this method works for some.  However, the current scientific studies are suggesting that the “calorie counting” method to be a disservice to the public because it does not take into account the multitude of factors involved in Obesity.

In today’s broadcast we will go into this topic with greater detail, and also know that this will be one episode in a multipart series.  Our aim in this series is to give people better understanding as to why low calorie diets may not work and what aspects of ones health and diet need to be examined further in this setting.

Please enjoy, and send us your questions.  Please forward us any questions here on our website or go to our Power Health Facebook page

Please enjoy and forward your comments to us here on our website or our Facebook page.  Thank you for listening!


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