No Gluten With Hashimoto’s?

Okay, so today we’re gonna we’re gonna answer the question: do you have to be gluten-free with hashimoto’s? Yes? So? Yes? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! So, okay, why all right? So you know it’s interesting.

Autoimmunity is becoming now more and more understood and there’s mechanisms that cause immune inflammation to spread. One of them is called epitopic spreading, one cause bystander spreading, another one: isn’t our uh epitopic uh sharing these epitopes and it’s called and it’s and it’s part of something called molecular mimicry and all that means this, and this is pretty interesting.

Actually why? Yes? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Yes, there is this um. This molecular mimicry means that if you have an autoimmune problem, then then there are multiple tissues in your body that may look to your immune system, exactly like the tissue that you’re getting attacked and then eventually, as those attacks keep happening.

Your immune system looks around sees that other tissue and can attack it. So let me give you a very solid example that if you’re asking this question – and you have hashimoto’s um – this will make sense to you so the gluten protein of which are 25 different aspects.

To it has metabolites on there epitopes metabolites, it has um, it has bio, chemical, uh material that looks to your immune system exactly like metabolites that are in your thyroid, so we have a wheat protein.

This is what is really interesting and you have a thyroid endocrine tissue, a human, endocrine tissue, and you also have a the tissue in your cerebellum, which is, which is a part of your brain. It’S down here and all you have to know for this presentation is when it’s not working.

It’S dizziness vertigo balance, car sickness boats, seasickness stiff neck blurred, vision and you’ve gone to the doctor and they’ve checked you for all that everything’s normal and your mri is normal and you’re.

Everything and your ears were normal and and that’s brain neurological tissue, and so you so so those tissues brain tissue, endocrine tissue in a wheat protein. All look exactly the same to your um to your to your immune system.

So so, if you get hashimoto’s you’re gonna get a sensitivity to gluten. If you have a gluten sensitivity, you’re gonna you’re gonna get eventually hashimoto’s and and frequently all three of these, so the person um presents as maybe they’ve gotten off of gluten.

Maybe they haven’t maybe they’ve gotten over gluten and said you know i when i eat bread, i don’t get as dizzy. What’S that about it’s because they’re they’re not getting that attack against the gluten and the cerebellum, and so it can be that it can be all three.

So you can be eating gluten and getting all of the all of the usually the hyper. But no well you not that’s not true. You can get all the hypo and hyper symptoms of of hashimoto’s and then you can get the symptoms of the cerebellum all at once.

Eating bread, pasta, drinking, a few beers. You know doing it in pizza and wondering why you’re dying you know so so so gluten of the 39 different triggers that you want to pull it’s like it’s like number one.

When i, when i certain certain seminars, i now attend uh. Well, i mean that i attend all the time, but certain seminars that i attend – uh you’ll walk in there and – and i guess the presenters are tired of hearing about it and they just say just want to.

Let you know gluten is the devil. This is we’re starting a seminar off this way. It is on autoimmunity, obviously – and it’s like, if you’re not buying that you’re wasting your time being here for the next two or three days or um or i’ve had people just i’ve had gone into seminars and people.

Just say look gluten is, is uh is out and if you don’t agree with that, then just go away. We don’t even need to talk, because if you’re not going to get off the gluten everything else they’re going to tell you isn’t going to work.

So, yes, you have to get off of gluten. If you have hashimoto’s, you

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