Is Hashimoto’s an Autoimmune Disease?

Okay, so the question that generates today’s presentation is: is hashimoto’s an autoimmune disease, so i’ve been in this for so long. I that twists my brain around to think that there’s anybody that doesn’t know that hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease at this point not to be an insult.

I i just i’m living in an alternative world, i’m living in a world where, all day long, like probably 80 percent of my patients, have automated thyroid disease. So the answer is yes, so hashimoto’s is an autoimmunity.

So here’s here’s how it works. Okay, so i’ll give you my family, okay, if well, that person asked that question. They may not know i have hashimoto’s, so i have hashimoto’s and um. So i have a. I have a mother who had her thyroid taken out.

I have an aunt who had her thyroid taken out. I had a grandmother all on the same side who had uh a goiter like until she died at like 96 or 97 years old, so this was back in 50s, 60s, um and and uh and and really nobody’s talking about hashimoto’s back then i mean it was Just like uh an afterthought in in in like somebody’s physiology book in medical school, but nobody really thought anybody got it.

Okay, but the point is, is you have to have the genetics first to get it um in a family where, if your mom’s got it um the chances uh and she has two daughters to change? There’S, there’s strong probability.

One of them is going to get it today. Okay, so you have to have the genetics to be turned on. That’S autoimmunity in general, whether it’s hashimoto’s, whether it’s a rheumatoid arthritis, whether it’s lupus you have to have the genetics, then what has to happen is you have to be unfortunate enough to get at a point in your life where your physiology crashes or you have a Trigger that is so significant that it overcomes the ability of your immune system to stop you from turning on that gene that will now cause you to have hashimoto’s and you can and and so you’re, so the immune system gets triggered and it can either attack the Thyroid tissue, so it’s called thyroglobulin tissue.

There’S a test called an anti-thyroglobulin test or much much more commonly the peroxidase enzyme and the peroxidase enzyme is an enzyme that that takes um tyrosine meta thyroid hormone is t4 and t3. The t is tyrosine the four iodines, so it takes this tyrosine and it mixes it with hydrogen peroxide, and then it sucks these four iodines in and now you have t4.

So this the thyroid peroxidase enzymes and the key player that makes your thyroid hormone. That can get attacked, so you can either attack the enzyme which is frankly way more common or you can attack the tissue or you can attack both i’ve.

You know i’d see it all. I see all that happening and then once that happens, that turns on your genetics and now your immune system has been given the the okay to attack you over and over and over again every time you trigger an attack, so the initial triggers that started for me.

It was an overwhelming infection. I had pneumonia and i was under an enormous amount of stress at the time, so you put those two things together and i got the pneumonia and i wasn’t coming out of it and then then, as time went on, i started to look things up and find People who knew about this and came to ultimately just go right, hashimoto’s and a couple of other things um, it could be a it can be that it can be a surgery.

It can be an injury if you get a. If you get like, you know, i’m a chiropractor, so i did chiropractic for a long time before i got into functional medicine, so i saw lots of car accidents a lot of whiplashes a lot of disc problems that will create a massive uh cortisol storm, an inflammatory Hormone that comes out at your adrenal, glands and and uh that’ll set it off stress, will set it off.

Injuries will set it off having a baby will set it off uh i was pregnant. My second child i had the baby and nothing was ever saying again. Next, you know i had constipation put on weight. My hair was falling out.

I can’t lose any fatigue, dry, skin, heart, palpitations and so on and so forth. Those are the big ones surgeries i’ll do it. Surgery can set it off because when you have surgery not unlike when you have an injury um, your body knows you’re getting cut into and your body’s going like.

Ah and it’s putting out all the stress hormones and then those stress hormones can can trigger off. So those are like the triggers that’ll trigger the person that has the genetic propensity to develop it.

Now, if you can have the gene to develop it, never develop it. If none of this happens. Okay, so this is all to the answer of is it? Is this autoimmune and then and then the other thing is once you get it then there’s now for autoimmune thyroid disease um.

I think i have a video online that says the 39 different triggers for autoimmune thyroid disease and i think right now we’re up to 41 or 42. um, and so so those triggers can be chemical triggers. Those triggers can be dietary triggers.

Those triggers can be lifestyle triggers, they can be pathogenic triggers you’ve heard of people go. Oh i’ve seen virus causes that lyme disease causes it you’ve heard him say, don’t eat gluten or you’ve heard him say, don’t eat uh nightshades or are you or it’s sugar? Just blood sugar problems can can set it off so all like diabetes and even even hypoglycemia, even low blood sugar swings and stuff.

All of these things can trigger so once those major triggers have triggered the genetics to tell your immune system to attack your thyroid as a foreign object. Then all these other triggers can keep perpetuating it and then that’s what makes you feel miserable and then you have to get all those other triggers under control to get out of it to calm everything down and to be able to walk around feeling like a normal Human being again, so yes, yes, hashimoto’s is i it’s it’s it’s that’s what it is.

It is an autoimmune disease. You

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