Infections in Autoimmune Disease; Are Gut Infections Causing Autoimmune Hepatitis?

Today we have another broadcast we are enthused about.  For the next several weeks we will be discussing autoimmune diseases and their relationships to infections which may be integral in causing them.  Though much of the alternative community is now focusing on how diet may play a role in autoimmune disease, we are looking to educate you regarding the most recent information on the other factors that can be resulting in what we are terming an autoimmune epidemic, where some estimates state that 1/6 Americans suffer with an autoimmune disease.
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1.Serological markers of autoimmunity in children with hepatitis A: relation to acute and fulminant presentation.
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16.In autoimmune hepatitis type 1 or the autoimmune hepatitis-sclerosing cholangitis variant defective regulatory T-cell responsiveness to IL-2 results in low IL-10 production and impaired suppression.
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