Impact of Adrenal Exhaustion on Hashimoto’s

Okay, impact of adrenal exhaustion on hashimoto’s bear with me on this one. This one might be a few minutes longer i’ll. Try not to make it too long. Okay, because when i first got into functional medicine, it was you can’t fix the adrenals.

You can’t fix anything um, there’s a smidgen of truth to that. There’S some truth to that. But the reality is, is the adrenals get the snot kicked out of him like every day all day long and it’s not stress it’s partially stress it’s it’s and, and let me even refine that what i meant to say was it’s not particularly mental stress everything that Happens in your system that creates inflammatory responses and puts you out of balance, causes a stress on your adrenal, glands, okay, and so your adrenal glands are.

They are affected by um they’re affected by food sensitivities, they’re affected by leaky gut they’re affected by lipopolysaccharides they’re affected by small intestinal bacterial overgrowth they’re affected by any type of an infection.

They are affected by any type of a chemical sensitivity and in a lot of hashimoto’s patients, they’re affected by over-exercising they’re affected by not sleeping enough they’re affected by not being too sedentary.

I could go on for a long time with all the things that create a stress on the on the body that forces your adrenal glands to either put out stress hormones, which is a adrenaline epinephrine, norepinephrine or adrenal, and they can put out it can put out.

Cortisol, which is the one that everybody seems to be really familiar with today, everybody’s familiar with cortisol now as they should be, they can put out cortisol and cortisol knows it’s a stress hormone, but it’s also – and it’s also before it’s an inflammatory hormone.

It’S it’s actually an anti-inflammatory home run before it becomes too much, and it also helps to control your blood sugar. It also can. It also helps to control all your sex hormones if you’re, if you’re in menopause and prior to menopause, it’s a secondary repository for making for making sex hormones.

So your adrenals do a lot and they are affected by all that you go through menopause and you’re, going through menopause, really badly and you’re having a bad time you you have bad adrenals, but your estrogen imbalances that and progesterone imbalances.

They’Re going they’re. Also screwing up your adrenals, so the point is when i attack a case, if the person has adrenal fatigue – and i hate that i hate that term, but that’s the term that a lot of people like to use okay, adrenal exhaustion or i it’s just hypoadrenal function.

The adrenals are like they’re like a little factory. Somebody says i need these hormones, they put them out, they put them out, they put them out, they put them out, they put them out and all of a sudden they’ll have so many so much hormones that they can put out and they are amazingly, amazingly regenerative.

I might add to adrenals, so really the adrenals are are uh. How do they affect how they affect hashimoto’s or how does hashimoto’s affect them? Okay, i really see it as when i’m treating somebody some so most people who are asking these questions are looking for a solution.

Um, a lot of most people are asking these questions already, taking some sort of an adrenal there’s, so many different types of adrenal products out there and which ones have adaptocrines in them and which ones have licorice in them and which ones have adrenal uh cow adrenals.

In there and and and and those types of things, okay, but really the answer is the answer: is you want to take care of all the other things? First and one of the one of the top other things you want to take care of.

First is the thyroid and in autoimmune disease, there’s kind of uh there’s kind of an order as the way you attack it. So if you have autoimmune thyroid disease, you have to attack the things that are affecting your thyroid first, which could be a lot of these things.

They can be food sensitivities, leaky gut, small intestinal bacteria. You have to attack those first. Those will then create a much more stable thyroid function, which then all together will take the pressure off of your adrenals and the thyroid is more of a they affect each other, no doubt about it.

But but in my observations the thyroid is much more of a drag on the adrenals than the adrenals are on the thyroid, so i go after the thyroid first, if it’s autoimmune thyroid, i go after that first and then i might if the person’s really really really Really stressed, i might give them some adopted crins or whatever, whatever there’s there’s, there’s a dozen ways you can or more that you can go after the adrenals, but if you’re going after the adrenals well that other all the other metabolic negativity is going on and putting Pressure on it um, it’s not very effective uh, so so the the to me, the vicious cycle between the thyroid and the adrenals is more moral.

The body in the adrenals is more all these other things, causing the adrenals go down, taking care of that first now, once you get that under control, if the adrenals are not coming along now is when i’ll really hit them with whatever your preference is well, i Shouldn’T say whatever preferences is because there’s a reason to use different things like licorice for some and not for others and adaptocrines for some and not for others and glandulars for some and not for others.

There’S adrenal issues that gland jewish are never going to help in a million years, so so, but at that point then the adrenals become very available. So once you start getting the thyroid because thyroid has receptor sites in every single cell in your body, every single cell.

Okay and so, and and and and there there’s a more comprehensive effect on the body than many of the adrenal functions, with the exception of adrenaline adrenaline, just your whole body goes, your whole body goes into fight flight and and it’s in it’s affected in a variety Of different ways, but i was but i but i so i would say in general, in general there there is this.

The thyroid will sli. If, if your thyroid is in hypothyroid, it’s going to slow your adrenals down, your adrenals is already being beated up by everything else, and and and now it’s like, and now it’s like you’re not going to get your adrenals better by giving it some sort of uh Uh uh, you might buy a supplement, but you might have to see it improve if you fix your thyroid.

Even if you got a thyroid medication that brought your hypothyroid into balance. That could help your adrenals. On the other hand, the the uh, the adrenals um they can, they can go into fight flight and they certainly can affect your your adrenals.

They can. But adrenal fatigue is a lot. I guess my point is for for adrenal fatigue. Oh, my god, there’s so many things that are causing adrenal fatigue but and and there’s so many things that are causing thyroid.

But if you get the thyroid right, you can make a huge difference in the in the in the adrenals. If you, when all these other things are going on, but in the reverse part you really, you really have to take care of most of the other triggers and and metabolic issues that are that are beating that adrenal down before you’re, going to before you’re going to Get that under control, so i would say, that’s the relationship between thyroid injury.

There is a relationship, but i would say the relationship is more than more. The thyroid really really affecting the adrenals than vice versa, relative to a long-term type of a recovery. You

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