Hashimoto’s With No Thyroid?

Hashimoto's With No Thyroid?

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Thyroid and hashimoto’s; in other words, we’re, going to be talking thyroidectomy. The doctor has taken my thyroid out and i’m still getting symptoms. I’m, assuming that’s. What the inference was in this topic that was requested, and we did kind of did something like this uh previously in which we talked about hashimoto’s, um and radiation therapy and uh, and and so, but there’s similarities again, we Talked about it, um relative to radiation therapy versus thyroidectomy, but and thyroid acne.

Basically, what happens? Is you’ve, gotten hashimoto’s? The immune you’re, getting hypothyroid symptoms from your immune system, attacking your thyroid for so long. You’re, getting tired fatigue, hair falling out your guts, don’t slowing up your stomach’s, giving you acid indigestion, your constipation, just skin is drying out a number of things and uh, and so then, after the attack Is taking place for a while, then you start getting hyper symptoms.

You start getting anxiety, panic attacks, maybe even a big one. Is heart palpitations for no reason at all: arrhythmias insomnia, night, sweats inward tremors. These are all hyper symptoms from the thyroid, getting attacked tissue being damaged, vomiting out a bunch of stress arm or not stress hormones, vomiting out a bunch of thyroid hormone, t4 and t3 and and enough skinning jittery.

So so the the person who’s wanting to know about thyroidectomy or my thyroids out, probably went through this probably got medication and the medication didn’t work. Maybe maybe it worked. You know for a few weeks, maybe didn’t work at all.

Maybe it made the person worse. Maybe they kept switching one medication from synthetic to natural and and and the whole you know deal and and nothing’s work. Your tsh is perfectly normal. Now the the the gold standard uh tsht3t4, but you still have all these symptoms and you don’t have a thyroid and, and they told you it’s, no big deal.

We’re gonna take your thyroid out. You’re gonna be hypothyroid, and we’re gonna manage it according to to your uh to your uh to your hormone levels. Here’s, a problem. They’re. Managing this. They’re, managing the thyroid.

They’re, not managing this, the immune system, so so the immune system’s. Still there they take your thyroid out um, you might have antibodies. These are antibodies that are causing the immune system to attack your thyroid and create inflammation in your thyroid.

Okay, these antibodies. Maybe they’re 500, maybe maybe maybe the reading on them when they take your thyroid peroxidase enzyme test. Maybe it’s like 500 normal zero to nine and they take your thyroid out and it has less to attack.

Maybe the antibodies clean up a little bit, but they still stay there. They don’t, go away, they maybe they go down to you, know 200. Maybe they go down to 50, but they’re still there. They still have orders to attack, but there’s, no thyroid there to attack correct, and i you know – and i’ve through the years i’ve, read things and i’ve heard things that they don’t always get the thyroid out.

I can believe that um i’ve. Never read that in in particularly in in medical literature. Medical literature makes it sound very clean. We take your thyroid out. We give you the medication. Life is good.

Um, so that could be one reason that you still have thyroid tissue in there and the attack is still hitting, but i think the biggest reason is that you have other cross talking tissues to the thyroid.

What that means is it’s called it’s called molecular mimicry, so there are enzymes in the thyroid that look exactly like enzymes. On your cerebellum that look exactly upside. I said enzymes. There are metabolites.

There are metabolites on your thyroid that look exactly like metabolites on your on your cerebellum, which is the part of your brain that controls dizziness, vertigo balance stiff neck blurred vision, a lot of that.

Okay and there are metabolites on certain foods that also look exactly like metabolic iron type, weird right foods, endocrine tissue, nerve tissue, but they have these metabolites that look like so it’s called a molecular mimicry and when one thing gets attacked like the Thyroid the other two can get attacked so the next thing you know you have a food sensitivity.

You eat that it creates all kinds of symptoms of thyroid symptoms, cerebellar, symptoms, gut symptoms or you are, or you get stressed or or you have some infection or something and it flares up inflammation and it attacks your thyroid, your cerebellum and and and and the maybe This food that you’re sensitive to and then it causes all the symptoms again.

Well, when you take the thyroid out and those antibodies are still there, these two guys are still going to get attacked and it goes beyond that because that they don’t even know all the things that i was just reading about antibodies.

Just this past weekend and they don’t even know all the things that it is that the antibodies are related to. They think it’s related to rheumatoid arthritis. They they know it’s related to polycystic ovarian syndrome and things that are going on your ovaries.

They know it’s that it’s uh. Can it’s? It’s related to parietal cell antibodies, which are antibodies in your stomach. That gives you autoimmune gastritis. They know it’s related to autoimmune hepatitis.

There’s more that it’s. It’s. It’s related to syria. They know it’s related to celiac, and there’s more, but that’s enough. So the point is, is that you take the thyroid out, but you do something that flares up your immune response and all of those things that are still there are still going to get tagged, because these antibodies that now have crosstalk with almost are still there.

So the solution is not to take out your thyroid if at all possible. The first solution is, is to calm down your immune system and um and and by you know, a variety of different things. Those of you been watching.

You know we ‘ Ve got a thousand hours online, telling you how we do that or how that should or that, how that should be done. So so that’s. The one thing, and one probably one other thing is is a lot of people want to know, is thyroid surgery better than thyroid radiation.

I’m, not a big radiation fan. I’m, not a big fan of swallowing radioactive pills and putting them in my body and having them kill my. However, there are studies that show that long-term effects of um of of thyroid radiation is not as good as long-term effects of of um.

Having your thyroid out, so if you’re, if, if that was anywhere in the interest of the person who asked this question or gave us this topic um, i mean overall it’s. Really that person’s call. You know thyroid surgeries come with, can come with side effects and uh as as can the other, but the the thyroid surgery has been shown to have a little bit more a little bit more uh, better outcomes, uh longitudinally, and if you can get, if you do Thyroid medication: it works that’s better than those two, and if you get rid of your immune responses, it’s better than all three of those.

So so that is um hashimoto’s thyroiditis and a thyroidectomy. You

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