Hashimoto’s – When to Remove Thyroid?

Hashimoto's – When to Remove Thyroid?

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Would a Thyroidectomy cure Hashimoto’s and we indicated that that was not the case and the reasons why today, the question is: when do you take the thyroid out? If there’s a time to take the thyroid out, do you take the thyroid? And, interestingly enough, I haven’t gotten any questions that I can remember about radiation and and Hashimoto’s, which is kind of crazy.

So we’ll cover that too, so, basically, never no closer than ever. Look here’s. The deal right now we’re. We’re in a spot where the medical community, which is our youth, is fine. Just having this conversation with a nurse just two days ago, the medical community still is thinking that Hashimoto ‘

S is a thyroid disease and only a thyroid disease, and they’re, not treating it as an autoimmune problem. As we’ve talked about previously, so we should be treating the immune system to dampen inflammation against the thyroid.

So there’s, a hierarchy as to treatment. I’m, not never take your thyroid out, but I’m. Close to that. Okay, I mean mine was not coming out. There spoiler alert as they say, mine’s not coming out. Unless somebody tells me I have definitively have thyroid cancer, that’s, it that’s when it’s coming out.

But you know a little bit of background on that, because the medical community is now becoming aware of Hashimoto’s, but they don’t particularly have an agreement among doctors as to how to treat it. You’ll.

Have some people give you thyroid medication still and and and not do anything about the immune system? There are some people in the medical field that are trying to do the the immune system by giving people a hydrocortisone, maybe some low dose naltrexone to calm inflammation down.

These doctors are far and few between, but they’re, at least thinking of addressing the immune system. And then, if that doesn’t happen, then then they’re gonna start, then they’re gon. Na start going well, maybe we should just take it out and then we’ll moderate.

Your will moderate your your hormone levels by just giving you medication. The problem is: is there’s, a lot more to it than that? A lot more to it than that, you know just take medications and all sudden everything corrects when you have Hashimoto’s, you there’s so much more than that.

It’s. In that I don’t. I’m to talk about that and he’s. These daily segments, but the other thing is, is they might before that? So they might say you know what let’s, just radiate it or let’s. Just take it out, I’m.

Seeing that a lot, let’s, just radiate it. Let’s! Just take it out that’s, not a good enough reason for me to take out my thyroid okay. By the way. Most of you probably know I have Hashimoto’s, so I so that the other thing, the other pathway, could be that you go to the doctor.

You have an enlarged thyroid or you have nodules, they end up taking a biopsy and then here’s. The thing up here’s, what they say they say you have abnormal tissues in their undifferentiated abnormal tissues in there.

So maybe we’ll. Just take that part of the thyroid out. I wouldn’t. Do that and I’ll. Tell you why I wouldn’t. Do that, because more and more it’s becoming apparent that those undifferentiated abnormal unidentifiable cells are because of Hashimoto’s, but that’s, not quite been embraced completely by the people who are taking out thyroids.

At this point. In time so enlargement now most most enlargements are not cancer, I would say all Largent ‘ S are not cancer, and most enlargements are are immune. Inflammation from Hashimoto’s. We have a lot of people there, Hashimoto ‘

S gets under control through diet through dampening stress responses through figuring out which drugs are contributing to the inflammation and all the things that we ‘ Ve talked about that will dampen inflammatory responses and then help your thyroid to start working.

Well again, you can do all that you can you can you could maybe how, if they wanted to, they found that the undifferentiated cells and you wanted to have them – take that little bit out that they may recommend that? Well, let’s.

Just take this little bit out, but it’s. It’s. Um it’s, always going to come out to Asha Moto’s or cancer now cancer. Now so, if I so, if I got a so if I, if I have nodules, if I have, if I have enlargements, if I passion Moto’s, that they’re, just not able to manage with the medications, even if even if Well, I shouldn’t say even if can’t manage them with with alternative medicine, but not everybody’s, doing the whole flow of alternative medicine, so I would still look around if it’s, not cancer.

I’d, be looking around, not cancer; okay, usually it’s, a small nodule. Usually cancer comes with a nodule. Usually it’s tender. They’re gonna they’re gonna biopsy. It and they’re gonna go. You have cancer.

You have cancer cells. There. I’m. Getting it out just from some of my colleagues. Money fit might even disagree with me, but you’re watching me, not them. So so, basically, at that point I will get that out.

Okay, I think I would take the cancer cancerous part out now some people are gonna. Take the whole thing out. I’m, not all over that you have four lobes. If I’m in this low, I’m. Getting that low taken out, I’m, leaving the rest, so so that’s, it that’s ended that’s, an that’s, a very good question: it’s, still very Tricky question I don’t know.

If there’s, gonna, be an agreement reached anytime soon in the medical community as to when to leave it in and when to leave it out there’s. A lot of concern with a doctor as to whether they leave those on different jade cells in there maybe one day they turn out to be cancer, and then the patient turns around sues him.

That is a consideration or the doctors part that’s. Why you that’s at least part of why more of them are coming out part of them? Is they just don’t know what to do with it. So doctors give medication and take things out that’s.

What that’s, what they do that’s their world. There are worlds of the world of pathology. Cancer is pathology, Hashimoto’s is not pathology. Hashimoto ‘ S is auto, so I think that’s, pretty good answer that’s.

How I answer it when my patients come in here that’s? How I manage it, I do work with doctors on these things and I feel very comfortable with giving you that advice so see you tomorrow.

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