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series on Hashimoto’s we’re going to be talking about Hashimoto’s and weight loss a lot of these come from questions that we’ve gotten we got it we had zillion questions so a lot of most of what we’re gonna be doing over these not over these 30 days is answering those questions and then kind of filling in the blanks for you and some of you are saying Hashimoto’s and weight loss I got Hashimoto’s and I put on 60 pounds and I can’t get it off and and and and you are the more common Hashimoto’s patient okay if you have put on weight I just had a I just had a thin Hashimoto’s patient and if you want more on this we have we have Hashimoto’s the thin Hashimoto’s patient we have a much longer presentation on it on power health talk calm and you just type in thin Hashimoto’s patient and we’ll explain a lot more about that but just to keep it short about 85 90 % of patients get an immune attack and in Hashimoto’s and it’s and it slows down it beats up it’s hitting there it’s hitting there their thyroid it’s damaging thyroid tissue it’s damaging the ability for thyroid submit to be made but and so so so we start getting so we start getting tired we start getting overweight we start getting swelling around the ankles constipation all things that are are indicative slow metabolism the thyroid controls your metabolism but there’s a number of patients about depen percent maybe 15 we’re probably closer to 10 percent or less that come in who have Hashimoto’s who are are thin they have been mistakenly called hyperthyroidism they have been tested for a Graves disease Graves disease is an attack on the actual thyroid stimulating hormone that stimulates your your thyroid and if you get an attack an immune attack on that it keeps making more and more stimulating hormone and now you stimulate it more you make more thyroid hormone and you’re like this so when the when so they’re two different there are two different antibodies that you measure one is called an anti thyroglobulin antibodies and the other one’s called and thyroid peroxidase enzyme and depending I it seems to me like depending on which one of those get hit or both of them get hit you can go into hyperthyroidism and then and and here’s the deal you’ll you’ll be thin okay you’ll you’ll get this attack on your thyroid and instead of you going and and you’re getting tired and getting the weight gain you’re actually going to become hyper because because that attack unlike Graves and what it which attacks something called the thyroid thyroid stimulating hormone it’s it’s attacking another part of the thyroid but it is still forcing the thyroid to create more iodine create more which ultimately creates more thyroid thyroid hormone and now when you get too much thyroid hormone when it’s too little you’re like this when it’s too much or like that but the interesting part of this is that the the hyper thyroid people generally are thin they’re generally are wired they generally can’t sleep they they they they don’t really have a lot of the hypothyroid symptoms from that perspective but most of them do still for some reason their hair it’s hair keeps will fall out their eyebrows will get then their valves will be off and they will have still a number of hypothyroid symptoms so they kind of like morph back and forth between hypo and hyper but they are hyper when I first started doing this and and and when I so first started treating Hashimoto’s which was quite a while ago we didn’t know almost anything of what I’m talking to you about this what we knew is the person probably had Hashimoto’s and we knew what type of diet to put them on and at that point in time it was get off of gluten that was our whole diet and and and so and and and the the range is we’re gonna talk about this on one of the segments the ranges for what was hockey my toes were all over the place oh my god there was zero to 100 0 to 0 to 80 for these for these thyroid peroxidase enzyme so we had to come up with a lot of clinical pearls as to how to figure sail if I had someone who came in front of me and they had all of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s and and they had had their and here’s a uniqueness to this and they had had their thyroid TSH hormone checked and that’s in the TSH said that they were hypothyroid but they were as thin as this pen we knew they had Hashimoto’s because that didn’t sink them the only thing that could cause that would be an immune attack against certain parts of the thyroid that would put that person at the hyper function so there’s a lot more on this on the thin Hashimoto’s patient there’s a lot more nuances it there’s a lot more specificities for those of you who are kind of geeky and want to know what the exact aspects of the of the thyroid hormones are they get attacked and how they work and the chemistry and all that time stuff but that’s but you can have you can be thin and have Hashimoto’s and if you’re thin and you have – are you gonna be hyperactive you’re usually going to have anxiety you’re gonna have a jittery anxiety maybe difficult time going to sleep maybe instead I’m in constipation maybe your bowels are gonna be a little bit too rough and ready to go and and and so you’re gonna be more hyper you’re gonna be you’re gonna be mistaken for a Graves patient they’re gonna run graves and they’re not gonna know what’s wrong they’re gonna tell you they got yeah you got hyper thyroid and then they’re still gonna give you the medication and the medication generally isn’t that successful it can be in some people but it’s but as we’re going to talk about really that’s not the first steps to take in a case like that so the thin Hashimoto’s patient again well they cannot even put on weight they they not only lose weight but they can’t put on weight no matter how they try so that’s kind of the Cardinal Cardinal Cardinal side also along with you have it being thin and having a hypothyroid finding for your thyroid stimulating hormones so then Hashimoto’s patient I think that kind of summarizes it especially with you having that access to the other video so that’s it for today then Hashimoto’s patient I hope that helps those of you out there who are in that dilemma to understand you your

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