Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Symptoms

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Symptoms

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Presentations I do on Hashimoto’s are done from questions and the question was what are Hashimoto’s, thyroiditis symptoms and so Hashimoto ‘ S is primarily an automating problem, but it, but it shows up first as a hypo thyroid case, because over a period of time you have a thyroid that has started to get attacked by your immune system and in the beginning, when you get this attack, you may Only get symptoms from the hypothyroid aspect of this and what that means is that, as you attack the thyroid, the initial response is you start to lose thyroid tissue and that causes you to make less thyroid hormone.

So normally in the beginning, you ‘ Ll get you’ll get fatigue, you’ll, get tired. You know usually start putting on weight for no. But you haven’t changed your diet. You haven’t stopped exercising you know your routine is pretty much the same reason.

All sudden you start putting on weight some people gradually, some people not so gradually hairs, are falling out varying degrees. Hashimoto’s. The hypothyroid aspect of Hashimoto’s, slows everything down, so I can slow down your intestines.

They can slow down your stomach, so you can start getting stomach acid. You could get GERD because you don’t have enough hydrochloric acid. In your stomach, because the thyroid is slowing it down, so you can get acid indigestion.

You can get gas bloating. The most common gastrointestinal symptoms that you’ll get will be constipation because it has to do with you, helping your nervous system to ultimately make the the bounce move.

So everything slows down your bowels move down. One of the most common causes. Constipation is hypothyroid, so you’ll, get those you’ll, you swelling around swelling around the ankles is another one dry skin.

Normally the dry skins, usually on the shins of the ankles. Sometimes you’ll, get mixed edema of the face. We’ve, gotten questions about why I get puffiness in the face. So basically, everything slows down you’re, not clearing.

Your liver is not clearing your lymph glands aren’t clearing, so you’re starting to get puffiness and then, as the attack keeps taking place and more and more tissue goes, but as the attack keeps taking place more and more, then You start activating these enzymes more that create the thyroid hormone and during the attacks you will get usually intermittently you’ll get.

I think the big one is kind of anxiety intermittently. For no reason at all anxiety happens. You’re. Getting too much thyroid hormone during the attacks and and it and it creates a situation that sets off a stress response in your brain insomnia.

You can get insomnia, you can get inward tremors Hashimoto’s. Thyroiditis has an affinity to also create an attack on something called your cerebellum. It’s called molecular mimicry a lot of times. These two things will will get attacked at the same time the thyroid and the cerebellum, and so you might get inward tremors for no reason at all night sweats, you can get night sweats from some indirect function of the thyroid, affecting your estrogen hormone imbalances, so so Anxiety and we’re tremors panic attacks, you can’t, you can get panic attacks in extreme cases and insomnia night sweats for some of you who have a for the for some of you who are like that 20 % that the Thin Hashimoto’s patient.

I have a presentation online on the thin, the Hashimoto’s, patient on power, a Health Net parallels talk.com and that person will actually have an inability to gain weight. Where the were the average Hashimoto’s, patient will put weight on for no reason at all this particular aspect or form of Hashimoto’s, the patient watch.

They have more of those hyper functions, more anxiety, more impact tags, more and more insomnia, more and more tremors, more stuff like that, more Menai, more hot flashes, more night sweats it’s more night, sweats and hot flashes actually, but they’Ll also not be able to put on weight there like I’ve, never been able to put on weight, and I’m jittery, and I have you know I have more energy than anybody could possibly imagine so so there is that It’s, a it’s a you know it’s, a it’s, it’s, a it’s, a symptom and in an aspect of Hashimoto’s, that Patient is more of an outlier more than minority, but but just for a sense of completeness to try to answer this question you might be the person who sent this in might be the thinnest motus patient.

Those are those are like primarily the main symptoms that you would look for outer 30, the eyebrows disappearing. That’s another one hour 30. The eyebrows disappearing is usually a sign of thyroid problem, not particularly high shadows, but Hashimoto is usually usually as hypothyroid.

First, so thinning staining of hair on your scalp. Your face places where you’d normally expect to have hair your genitals if that starts thinning out along with the hair up here. That also is another another sign.

You know waking up tired after having eight hours of sleep that could that’s. Another sign a fatigue just that type of fatigue. I would say I think that covers the vast majority depression depression can be.

Lack of motivation can be, as I just get done, saying, that that was most of them, but those are Biggie’s without a doubt: hashem oseh, Hashimoto ‘ S can be a main main cog in component in a person developing profession or lack of motivation.

It slows everything down slows, so it slows brain function down it creates inflammation in the brain. It decreases blood supply to the brain. Hashimoto’s, doesn’t know, so I would say that’s, a pretty good starting point.

That’s, probably 80 90 percent of the symptoms that I see in here all the time, and so I think that answers that question that it’s, a lot of different symptoms. When I first started doing Hashimoto’s and people would come up with all these symptoms.

Are we going? Oh, my god like what am I going to do it? It’s person and the answer was: get their immune system under control and dampen the immune attack against their thyroid. So so that is symptoms.

What that would answer the question of what are the symptoms of Hashimoto’s? Thyroiditis, you

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