Hashimoto’s Skin Rash

Hashimoto's Skin Rash

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I’ve got a lot of people come in and and they say, oh, I got this rash and I think it’s coming from my Hashimoto’s and it flares up on my Hashimoto’s, it flares up, and so I I it’s, a it’s, kind of a relationship versus Hashimoto’s actually causing It as so many of these things that I talk about, I have this so and most of the time, the skin rash is not going to be from Hashimoto’s.

If you look at the symptoms of Hashimoto’s, they don’t include skin rash. They include, can’t, lose weight, hair loss out. You know: hair loss, my hair, my generals, wherever hair loss of my eyes, it’s, it’s, just it’s, not skin, rashes, skin dryness.

Usually I’m on the shins constipation swelling around the ankles, but no skin rash, but we talked numerous times in in in our videos. We have a ton of videos on Hashimoto’s on power. He & # 39, ll talk, calm and we talked in there and and about how autoimmunity autoimmune attacks do not occur in isolation.

So, in other words, usually you’re gonna have more than one autoimmune attack on you, so you’re gonna. If you know Hashimoto’s, there’s, a good chance. You’re either gonna happen to be an attack on your stomach.

I mean gastritis. Maybe you’re going to develop celiac. Maybe you’re gonna develop autoimmune hepatitis. Maybe you’re gonna develop rheumatoid arthritis it just as you keep if, until you get your immune system under control and as you keep developing exacerbations of your immune response that keeps attacking your thyroid, your main system is eventually gonna look around And attack other tissues that are vulnerable and so the two most common things I see that cause the rash now depends on where the rash is okay.

The most common thing I see is eczema now and that’s, the one that I have and it comes around here. Okay, if I let it go, and it comes around here, but eczema can come in a number of different places.

It it doesn’t, have to come around your neck and and and and the other one that we see is more on the face. Is Lucas so and and not so much psoriatic arthritis. Most people, don’t, come in in psoriasis mmm.

They realize that’s more than a rash, though so those are the two that we see the most we’ll see. So what happens? Is you have a lot of and a lot of people saying some it’s, not autoimmune, but but but the research and the data is moving more and more and more and more towards the fact that it is our immune, and I think it’s, autoimmune and so there so that’s, so that’s.

What’s important for those of you are listening to me and I don’t be kind of Lear about that I mean I’ve. Seen like literally I’ve. Seen a thousand, you know: Hashimoto’s cases, so you have a chance to kind of our reserves these things.

So basically, what happens is you know? Let’s, say let’s, say your Hashimoto’s and you’re living on. You know on planet Mars and you haven’t yet figured out that you should be eating gluten, and so you eat gluten.

Your your Hashimoto’s, flares up and you start getting some of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s and maybe gets heart, palpitations or jittery, or something like that and at the same time, your rash breaks out you’re, probably Stuck should start running antibodies to see.

If you have, I don’t think there’s, actually an antibody test for group eczema because they’re still deciding on whether that’s autoimmunity or not. But but you could run a test for Lucas Lucas. They’ll, give you the the mask rash, which is called lupus because it’s about the like a like a wolf who has that there was those circles around them and and and but been Exuma is probably the number one reason That people who have Hashimoto’s, complain of rashes and, like I say so, as I’m taking care of myself, I’m fine, I was in follow my diet.

I’m, not eating crappy food. I’m, doing all the fine stuff. I know for me. It’s interesting in this case. I know that I have messed up with my diet or or something from the eczema, not from the Hashimoto’s, and you know just for some reason.

You know just it’s, it’s. Like my number one most sensitive indicator. I got okay. What I do, what did I eat? What I this, what I do, and it’s, so kind of an indicator for me to to kind of get my head back together about keeping mine means responsibility control.

So in my world, unless there’s, something else out there that I’m, not aware of in my world that’s, that’s, how it goes most rashes. Don’t come from that. Most rashes come from. Obviously they either come from your getting them.

You know poison, ivy or some some aggressive antigen, something that attacks you from the outside or they come from or they come from poor, liver clearance. I guess you can make an argument that Hashimoto’s, clears that slows down the liver and then you could have port detoxification between your liver, your gallbladder intestines, and get a rash that way they are that visit.

The mechanism is there for that. To happen through, but mostly mostly, I see it being a combination of a Hashimoto’s, an eczema right that’s kind of everything. I know about rashes and I should know

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