Hashimoto’s Root Cause

Hashimoto's Root Cause

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What is the root cause, so you have about like six hours that you want to hear about this. It’s, pretty interesting. You know how she motors is something I’m, treating a different patient population. I was treating 40 years ago and and four years ago you do put somebody to diet.

They got better and getting something that ‘ S got better as chiropractic adjusted him. They got better. Things have changed, things have changed a lot. We’re, dealing with an enormous explosion of immunity and, and it’s, it’s.

It’s, interesting as to the difference theories out there as to how these things have come about. I kind of embrace the fact that it’s kind of an evolution of society. Anything that creates an immune response can attack you and then they could attack you and cause rheumatoid arthritis or grands.

Loop is Hashimoto’s, and it you know my my mother, so I’m, so my mother, this is back in the 50s and early 60s chanter thyroid taken out. My aunt had her thyroid taken out. My grandmother had a goiter, maybe that Hashimoto’s.

I know how widespread Hashimoto ‘ S was at that time. Hashimoto was a guy who, in 1902 said all thyroid problems outside of Graves, was autoimmune and turns out she bought. It was mr. doctor how she met is probably correct, so she probably had it back then, but back then, even though his post-war life was a little bit slower stress was a little bit lower in a sense that we weren’t as rushed back.

Then no everyone to church on Sundays. Although everything was closed on Saturday afternoon and all day sunday, there wasn’t this frenetic nosov god of work. All the time work. All the time you’d, get done at five o’clock like so I mean that started to evolve.

Medications start to become very popular about then and and medications do a lot to damage thyroid function. So you had a lot of these people. You know people have had thyroid throughout history, but now you know people with thyroid problems that are now genetically being passed on to their offspring.

I use the example of if you are a female and you have a mom and a sister and a daughter that’s alive. There’s, an awfully strong chance today that two out of three of them are going to get it for sure.

One is going together. So so it passes on this genetic propensity and, as my lifetime has gone on, there have been more and more and more attacks where we we have like some. I don’t, know seven hundred million pounds of tons of chemicals that are produced every year.

Only 1,700 of them have been tested for toxicity. Those chemicals cause inflammation those flare up immunity. We have all the modified foods. We have the standard American diet, which is sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, salt, salt, salt, salt, salt and nitrates and MSG.

All these things, great inflammatory processes we drink, inflammatory stuff. I drink a nice plastic bottles. If the plastic bottles have been heated up, they create a toxicity of the water that you’re drinking.

I mean we go on forever. All food sensitivities flare up so yeah, so we now have we’re stressed. We have all these toxins we get brittle breaking down. We’re, getting a leaky gut half of the drugs that are out there will cause imbalances in the immune response.

The classic take an aspirin a day is like crazy, totally annihilates. The inside of your gut and your intestines, which is where ninety seventy percent of your immune system is so it just feels to because this is how we on peel the onion of autoimmunity, and so it so I could say gluten I’ve said It in one of these presentations that gluten actually can be considered a cause of Hashimoto’s, because gluten is difficult to break down and it has these little metabolites on them that, in a very weird way, actually look like metabolites that are on your Thyroid and so if you gluten – and it causes the immune system, your intestines – to react – that immune system then looks around and sees your thyroid has metabolites on look exactly like gluten.

That attacks your thyroid. So I I think I think there’s. No one cause: okay. In essence, I think it’s. It’s, a buildup of I mean not enough sleep, I mean. Is it when you don’t sleep, you become inflamed when you over exercise, you know exercise but yeah.

Today it’s got to be either no exercise or we exercise until you know we drop there were people are doing marathons and triathlons. These people come in to me. They’re sick. They’re there. They’re there, their cells or have been super oxidized from too much damage to inflammation from too much working out and the stuff that can do it.

You know so just that what we’re just living a whole different world right now we’re, not going to sleep or watching television late into the night we get up. We eat the wrong foods, we eat too much sugar.

We smell it, we ingest, we inhale toxicities, we drink toxicities were around toxicities, we spray toxicities office. We wipe them on our face in our in our. In our I mean these are things I look at on everybody and everybody’s intake form to see like okay.

What’s? We’re landmines here. What are the things that are flaring up? Aa community in in this particular case sorry, I don’t. Think there’s. One cause I don’t think they’ll, be found to be one cause.

I think thyroids been there all the time. I think people have Hashimoto’s all the time, but I don’t Bennett, but it was never a big deal until I think maybe the fifties and sixties and seventies and now again, like I said where an entirely different patient population Than we were before, and so when I say, I think it’s, a societal evolution, a lifestyle change.

Those are all things that I’m, referring to so so anything other than that. I’m, not aware of it, and those are the entities that that, in my mind, I’m. Always looking for in that patient’s, history, to be able to correct that aspect in her history to get their immune system on the response and thus have the inflammatory responses to the to the thyroid that are causing anxiety and insomnia in panic, attacks And and and night sweats, and I can’t lose weight to get those under control, so so cause is is is, is that I mean it’s, that’s.

What I think it is Soto again until tomorrow, that’s? What I think the cause is, if you want to call it that root cause

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