Hashimoto’s Natural Treatment

Hashimoto's Natural Treatment
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I’m gonna attempt to answer the question of what is a natural treatment for Hashimoto’s, and there is no one answer for that. I can have a hundred people come in here with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and have each one of them have a different flow to it, and here’s, the reason why it goes back to when I first started doing Hashimoto’s before anybody even know what it was and people would come in, and I tell them that Hashimoto’s.

They go back to rounder, chronologiste and the endocrinology to say nobody gets that and, as you probably know by now, if you’re watching this, it’s rampant it’s like an epidemic and and patients used to come In to us and say well I you know I went to my doctor.

You want to give me this medication and I want to so. I came to you because I heard you treat Hashimoto, so I would go through about what I’m about to tell you, and here we go ahead. I didn’t come here for that.

I just came here to see if you got like an herb for like Hashimoto’s, and because that’s, where it was at that point in time it was it was. I was highly misunderstood and it still is with a lot of patients who come in here.

So here’s here’s. The here’s. The overall deal with Hashimoto’s. It’s, an autoimmune problem. It’s, it’s, it’s. It’s, primarily, first and foremost an autoimmune problem. It is secondarily a thyroid problem.

Okay and that’s. The key, so you treat it first as an autoimmune problem, and then you have to kind of go through autoimmunity. What flares up autoimmunity stress, flares up, autoimmunity, poor sleep, flares up our immunity over exercising flares of autoimmunity poor relationships, flare up on immunity, food antigens.

So food food sensitivities, food allergies, gluten being the main one, but there’s. There can be. There can be many more if you’re sensitive to gluten. Usually there’s. A number of other cross sensitivities that you’re gonna find chemical sensitivities, environmental toxicity.

These are all the things that and, and that’s, not all of them. I mean there there’s there’s. Nutrient deficiencies there’s, just there’s, a number of things that will flare up your your autoimmunity, too much salt, low blood, sugar, low blood pressure.

All of these things are has Effects of physiology that, when a person comes in here with autoimmunity, this is something that that we look at. This is the way we look at it. Okay, we look at it from the full breadth of what what types of things can can be flaring up an immune response against a certain tissue and in this particular point that tissue would be your thyroid if a person comes in here and they’Ve not been on thyroid medication, or they’ve only been on a little thyroid medication for a fairly short period of time.

Let’s, say less than two years. You can frequently get that thyroid to calm down and start working properly. If you do a good history on that person find out with in the framework of all of those things, what’s actually causing them to have an inflammatory response against their immune system that then in turn, attacks.

Hashimoto’s, attacks to your thyroid and creates Hashimoto’s responses and and and so that’s kind of that’s kind of how you have to go about it. You have to you have to do. A good in history. Have to figure out, maybe run the proper labs to figure out.

Is there toxicities? Are they hot? Do they have all? They have old infections that are sitting around from strep or something like that. You have to figure that out and then you can attack and then you can attack leaky gut.

You know the leaky gut and and the and the inflammatory, the anti-inflammatory diet you’ve heard of anti-inflammatory diet that was basically put together for Hashimoto’s, and then it was kind of discovered that Hashimoto & # 39.

S was related to a lot of other autoimmune problems and that those other autoimmune problems were responding to the anti-inflammatory diet and then that morphed into the automated Paleo diet, but diet.

Even that diet needs to be dissected out more for food sensitivities and and and and some of you people come in and and you can’t eat anything. You have what’s called an oral intolerance problem. Then it’s actually called a world tolerance problem, but that sounds kind of counterintuitive to the fact that you can’t tolerate foods.

So it’s, so we’ll call it oral intolerance for this. So these are all of the things that need to be evaluated for an autoimmune problem. What you have to start realizing is you have an auto immune problem? Not unlike rheumatoid arthritis, not unlike lupus okay and the goal is, is to put you in remission.

So people call me and they say: can you cure me? No, it’s, an auto immune problem. You can put it in remission by figuring out what specific areas of that particular patients physiology are flaring up the immune response, and once you figure that out, not only can you get them into remission, but then that person will have the specific tools for their particular Immune response, so that they know how to hopefully stay in remission or when they get an exacerbation and get out of remission, they have an exacerbation.

They & # 39. Ll know how to get back into it because it’s, going to be the same things that put it put them in there in the first place, so that’s, really the kind of the skinny on on on on what is The natural treatment for for us she mutters the most.

Those things can be taken care of with lifestyle changes they could be taken care of with with herbs and botanicals and nutrients of that polyphenols and those types of things it can be taken care of.

With of just figuring out and removing poor dietary proteins, so you know so basically, lifestyle changes and and dietary changes and nutraceuticals in those types of things. So it is a natural approach, it is a natural approach and there are herbs and botanicals specifically for the thyroid.

But you’re, not going to take those herbs and botanicals first, if you really want to figure out what’s wrong with you, because the herbs and botanicals work on helping your thyroid to make more more thyroid hormone or helping it To convert it better, that’s, another whole animal.

We’ll talk about, and but but you have to figure out all those things first, because if you figure out all those other things you may not need to take herbs and botanicals breda thyroid. You mean I need to take a drug for your thought, so there’s, a hierarchy as how you treat it so that’s kind of like the that one’s kind of like it.

You got to come in and and figure out with me what’s right for you on that one or with somebody with you on that one. So so that’s, it. That is, that’s. The kind of the cliffnotes summation outline of natural therapy for your Hashimoto’s; thyroiditis

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