Hashimoto’s Leaky Gut

Hashimoto's Leaky Gut
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Hashimoto’s and leaky gut, which is kind of a wide again. These are all wide topics that never talking about and and that’s, why a lot of people of you were watching. So let me see if I can kind of Intuit what might be meant by the person who has sent us that Hashimoto’s, leaky gut kind of a question, so there they are related there’s, a lot of things that cost Leaky gut okay, just for the record there’s, a lot of things that cost like you go, but, interestingly enough, Hashimoto’s.

If you have Hashimoto’s, that’s itself, a whole chain of events that cause this leaky gut and the reason is because Hashimoto ‘ S is hypothyroid most of the time most of the time and when you have hypothyroid with an immune attack on it, you get a lot of the hypothyroid symptoms.

You get the hair falling out. You get the dry shins dry skin in general. Maybe again, maybe you get some pain but on weight you get tired and lethargic, and so on and so forth can’t lose weight, so everything slows down.

So everything slows down now that the thyroid has receptor sites in every single cell. In your body, and what I’m about to say would probably go the same for somebody who just has a straight hypothyroid, which I don’t hardly ever see.

So the type of thyroid aspect of it is what the issue is and what happens is when your thyroid slows down and it has receptor sites in every cell of your body. It has receptor sites in your stomach in your gallbladder, in your liver, in your pancreas.

On the cells on the inside of your intestines that actually process the foods and absorb the nutrients, and it’s, particularly in your small intestines, worse small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, the next place.

So, in essence, everything slows down, which is why one of the most common symptoms that I did not mention Hashimoto says constipation and everything slows down, so you so the so the the t3 that comes up, that is, that is the end by roid hormone.

That goes into your cells is what creates energy if you’re, not getting energy to your enteric nervous system, that’s. The nervous system at the inside of your that actually, that’s. The second brain that maybe you heard of that controls your intestines.

Then then your intestines aren’t going to move. If you’re, not making enough energy in your stomach, you’re, not gonna make enough hydrochloric acid. In your stomach, you’re, not going to digest your protein properly.

If you are it’s, probably one of the two most common reasons for gall bladders problems, probably by the way and for gall bladders coming out, and I’m talking now, fibroid Hashimoto ‘ S is kind of a bonus here in a sense that Hashimoto’s is, is, is is what caused probably the hypothyroid in the first place, but this is about the hypothyroid aspect of this condition, slowing everything down.

So your gall bladder starts not pumping as well, because it’s, pumping slower, it gets so sludge in it. It’s, not breaking down your your bile and most people know what’s, not breaking down. Fats have to go well.

Gallbladder does a lot more than that gallbladder also dampens inflation and the intestines guess what you get information you testing, so you’re gonna get leaky gut you all day so and I’ll stay on the line.

If your, if your pancreas stops working as well as it shouldn’t, if it’s, not in the pathology it’s, not like your pancreas get sick, it just stops. What do you got as many digestive enzymes, but the papers also puts out inflammatory chemicals to keep inflammation down in there, so you have all that once all that starts to slow down, then the bacterial balance, which should be about 80/20, like good to bad, starts to Break down you start to, then you start to get this small intestinal Tyrael over okay, and so so that’s.

That’s, really the main way that it is now more specific to Hashimoto’s. I would say this: Hashimoto ‘ S is closely related to celiac disease. It’s called molecular mimicry. So basically, you have metabolites on your thyroid that look exactly like metabolites inside of your digestive process in your in your in your intestines.

And what happens? Is you start to you start getting a further breakdown in digestive problems with with you having Hashimoto’s because Hashimoto’s will actually actually has metabolites, not look like gluten.

Okay, CF is gluten, won’t break down in the first place. The gluten doesn’t break down. So there is this little mechanism in your intestines that grabs that protein. That hasn’t broken down and goes move.

You know what that protein is supposed to be more broke down. It shouldn’t, be here. What what does it do? Yeah? Well, what it does is it presents it to your immune system and your immune system says it.

Shouldn’t, be here. It creates something called an antibody and so because of the familiarity because of because a gluten protein looks exactly to your immune system like your thyroid go figure. Okay, it sets up that whole situation, and now you’re, creating an inflammatory response on the inside of your testings.

From that whole situation. From the perspective that you can’t digest that protein and the immune system is now on flaring up and the immune system that’s. Fluttering up is located on the inside of your intestines, so that’s.

Actually, a direct way that you get leaky gut, because once the inside of your intestines becomes inflamed, you have celiac, you got, ta have leaky gut, you have all sort of colitis you’re gonna have leaky gut.

You have Crohn’s disease. You’re gonna leaky gut, but this is a particular direct link to Hashimoto’s. The celiac Hashimoto’s, link it ‘ S been well known like for quite some time actually so that’s.

It there’s there’s a it. Just basically slows everything down the let’s, close everything down everything slows down. You get information on the inside your stomach intestines. While there doesn’t work, pancreas doesn’t work.

You get inflammation inflammation breaks down the inside of your intestines next thing. You know you got leaky gut or you have molecular mimicry between Hashimoto’s and celiac. Look it up there’s, plenty of data on it, so, okay, so that’s, the answer, so I think that’s, the answer, so what I think that person was asking when they sent their there.

Their note to us, I see you tomorrow,

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