Hashimoto’s Foods to Avoid

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Sake and nothing to be done for him and their five imagine in con 40 and all sudden they felt wonderful. Now not everybody felt wonderful, because there’s varying degrees of sensitivities to gluten, but that was kind of the beginning of a really really understanding food in its relationship to to Hashimoto’s.

Now, if you & # 39, ve been watching this series Hashimoto. This is an automated problem. It’s, primarily an autoimmune problem so and seventy percent of your immune system is on the inside of your intestine.

So good answer, good question. I would say to to answer so it goes beyond gluten. I have friends in the field, colleagues in the field, and they they do what our second evolution of food, what that was bad for Oishi motos was back then, and that was we would just write on a piece of paper gluten casein, soy, corn and eggs, and We would hand it to the patient and say don’t eat those for the next three months.

That was an evolution. Those are considered high allergic foods, whose then you probably mostly probably know that those are those are some of the most high lerczak allergy foods that are out there. Another thing we used to do was we used to say: okay here’s, piece of paper write down your five most favourite foods in the whole world, and they would write them down and hand them back to us, and maybe we would look at Him, and maybe we wouldn’t turn around hand, it back and say: okay, don’t eat those foods, because the understanding was that your favorite foods are the foods you eat the most most frequently and and that you had the most Likely chance of developing food sensitivities to those.

So what I’m trying to say is: is there’s, not one food? I have another colleague who’s a fairly fairly well known, neurologist in the field of neuro inflammation. He does a lot of consulting on it. He just takes people off a gluten and in no products that’s, not enough for a lot of you for sure.

So in the so there’s, not an exact answer that the answer is it’s all about food allergies and food sensitivities and which ones are the ones for you? Okay, people do different diets. They do the automated Paleo diet, but even the automated Paleo diet there could be foods on there that you’re gonna be sensitive to, and so with those types of people.

We do an allergy, elimination, diet and you got a food find out what people’s food. Since things aren’t, it varies from person to person, you might do the keto diet and, and – and you know that might make you feel better because you’re, not eating a lot of vegetables and and the vegetables might be something Where they bloat you up, if they bloat you up it’s because you have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

Probably so you can’t eat those foods because those foods will flare you up and then that in turn will flare up your immune system and that in turn, will flare up your thyroid. If you have, if you have leaky gut, you might have sensitivity to a lot of foods, and so you have to fix that and not eat any of those foods because they flare up your thyroid.

We have to fix the leaky gut and if you’re unfortunate enough to have mucosal intolerances, where i just read one that not two hours ago, a person who’s wanting to be evaluated here i mean this person can’t eat anything.

Candy hasn’t been able to eat anything since they were like, like like 1979, and they’re, actually doing food transfusions, literally not food transfusions, but nutrient transfusions because because they can & # 39, t eat very many foods.

That’s, severe oral mucosal intolerance, but what few foods but but but she can yeah every time she eats one of us whose it flares up a sensitivity which in turn will flare up and Hiroshima’s, which i happen to think That she has based on reading her history and her assessment, so it’s about what food, so you’re you allergic to and what foods are you sensitive? So it’s, not about the lectins.

It might be for certain people, because maybe their food sensitivity is like this. You know it’s, not particularly exactly about the nightshades, but it might be for some people because they might be sensitive to the nightshades.

I had somebody in here the other day we went through the the you know, thought he was telling me something. Then we said I’m allergic to broccoli and asparagus. Can you believe that no and I go well yeah cuz? I’ve, only heard it like 500 times.

You know so so that’s, really the essence of what foods do you? It’s more about what foods do not eat for Hashimoto’s, and and it’s, really different for everybody and – and I you know hear me say this every time I talk about the subject.

It’s, the most it’s, the hardest thing to figure out, because food set allergies are easy. You meet the food all sudden, your heart’s. Palpating, you get a rash or you get brain fog. Your heads ready to explode that set off your Hashimoto’s, but food sensitivities that are different.

They might not. You might eat the broccoli on a Tuesday at five o’clock and it might not cause your brain to blow up or your heart to start palpating until Thursday, night or Friday morning, so that’s.

What we craft a lot of the initial aspects of our program, because the reason I like that that question is it’s almost like until you figure out you can kind of get the idea of how complex this could be.

So you figure out your food sensitivities and allergies. It’s, hard to get anything else to work on that person until they’re fine, we haven’t. We have some new programs where basically their baseline programs, we’re, pretty much testing food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies and toxicities because they are the core.

There are a big [, __ ] in creating massive inflammatory responses, but just to confuse the matter more. If you have SIBO good luck, you’re gonna you’re, going get on that diet and with those and you’re going to blow out or if you have those world tolerances.

You’re, going to get on one of those diets and you’re going to blow it. So it’s. It’s a little complex and – and so I’m telling you all that, because I’ve know almost everybody comes in here today versus many many moons ago.

When I did this, everybody’s on a diet I have one today I just looked at another one. I looked at a couple of people who called they don & # 39. T want to be evaluated and – and I laughs says, do you want help with your diet and the verb? And it said no, because this person thinks that they have the perfect diet and they’re eating a great diet.

But I guarantee you that several the foods they’re eating is flaring up their thyroid problems, so so I kind of laughed and they always they’re like yeah yeah, I’ll. Do it. You know if it feels like something: we need there, so yeah food sensitivities, food allergies, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, world and tolerances.

These are the things that will dictate what foods you should and should not eat. Is there a food to eat for Hashimoto’s? No! No! There’s. No good food C for Hashimoto’s. There’s, a lot of good foods to not eat because you have Hashimoto’s, so I think that answer is.

It may be a little bit thorough more thoroughly than you wanted it, but it’s, really an important subject that I can’t. Even. I cannot even begin to stress how important and how paramount that is to the hierarchy of how you attack an immune response against Hashimoto’s, so see you tomorrow with another, hopefully interesting, tidbit on on Hashimoto’s.


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