Hashimoto’s Flare Ups

Hashimoto's Flare Ups
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Very, very popular one. There we get a lot of questions on fact. We get so many questions that we might be doing this for the next 365 days on Hashimoto’s, but but yeah Hashimoto’s and flare-ups it’s. It’s funny because that’s.

So like like duh yeah, of course, you get flare-ups but actually matters. Oh you, didn’t, know that so essentially Hashimoto & # 39. S is about it’s, an autoimmune problem, any autoimmune problem that you have.

I don’t care. What the rheumatoid arthritis or whether it’s lupus or Sjogren’s. You get flare-ups, you get flare-ups, you get stressed, you get a flare-up, you food! You don’t, know about you. Get a flare-up in the end.

It’s, an autoimmune problem. I have to keep bringing you back to it’s, an autoimmune problem. It’s, an autoimmune problem. It’s, an artery problem. Yes, I know, but I’m, going to my endocrinologist. It’s, an autoimmune problem, so in in my world, if I really break it down, despite like like the moment, must be a thousand hours on line that we have now, or so, my god it’s.

A autoimmunity is about treating autoimmunity is about putting that person into remission. You have heart, palpitations anxiety, panic attacks, you & # 39, ve got you’re, getting night sweats and then you go into like you know, fatigue and, and and and the idea is to put that person in remission so that those symptoms don’t come about you’re gonna you’re, going to dampen the stresses that are in the system.

There. You’re gonna you’re, going to fill in the nutrients that or deficit. You know their deficit, you’re gonna find out what the toxins are triggering that so you’re. Looking for the triggers, so an autoimmunity, you have an immune system.

It’s, attacking you, the goal of the practitioner, whether it’s, medical or whether it’s alternative is to stop that. Put you in remission and then the goal is, is to keep you in remission some people easier than others.

Some people have more flare-up some people, unless it just depends on the severity of their of their attacks. How long they’ve had them how low their threshold is for for being attacked, but my goal when you’re walking from when you come in here it’s like okay, you haven’t any problem.

We’re, look for all the triggers, because the cause is long gone. Okay, you have a genetic problem. You have that you’ve had an initial trigger. You have that, but we’re looking for the present-day triggers and any one of those triggers can cause a flare-up bad day can cause a flare-up.

If you have, if you have Hashimoto’s and depending on how how severe it is, you might have a metabolic capacity of, I can only do like five things in a day and if you do the sixth thing you crash that’S a flare-up: what are you flaring up? You’re flaring up inflammation.

What is inflammation doing is flaring up the immune response. What’s, the immune response? It’s, hitting your thyroid. What’s? The thyroid going anxiety, panic attacks and night sweats and insomnia and heart, palpitations and stuff like that, so so the whole protocol is funny because when I first started doing Hashimoto’s years ago, it was like yeah.

You got a supplement for about us. I was like I would spend like 30 minutes explaining this to people and there we go. I don’t wan na. Do all that. I just want it. I just wanted a supplement, Frost you might as well.

It doesn’t exist. So this is what exists so you got to find a person’s triggers you got to find out if they get a bad guy. You got to because it was the you know that’s, where the immune system is, you got to find, have the off food sensors, the mucosal tolerances, they have like a hydrochloric acid.

What do they have? They have SIBO, there are, they stressed or in the air chronically there they have an earliest. I just had to talk with a gal this morning who’s, got to figure out what to do with her mom, because mom’s dressing.

Her out and it’s, so you know and every time they talk on the phone she ends up in a massive Hashimoto’s flare from the stress, okay, she takes her stuff and she gets the anxiety down and she feels better.

So so flare-ups are my goal for what a patient’s better is for them to not have any flare-ups that’s, ambitious goal or if they have a flare-up haven’t, be the minimum that they can be and To know why they had to flare, oh let’s, see how to flare.

What do I do? Oh, I did ten things today. Instead of doing six, okay or four I over exercise or I ates all right check the same persons on the phone telling me well, you know I do cheat sometime. I I did have some like a cupcake just about an hour ago.

I’m, like that’s, that’s, going to cause a flare-up so yeah, so so Hashimoto’s in flare-ups that that’s, really it in a nut shot. You have an automated problem. All automated problems are gonna flare.

They’re gonna exacerbate and remit we want to. We want to dampen. You want to dampen the exacerbations to do that. You have to figure out what, in the whole immune world causes your exacerbation versus your sister’s exacerbation or your brother’s exacerbation and and that’s kind of like that’s kind of like the Cliffnotes exacerbation flare-up Hashimoto’s topic in a nutshell, so I hope you.

I hope you help them to how Pope tells you to understand your flare-ups a lot better.

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