Hashimoto’s Disease Diet

Hashimoto's Disease Diet
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There isn’t one, so there isn’t there, isn’t one. So let me answer that, so it’s interesting. I’ve been around since hashimoto’s was was kind of more or less began to be taken seriously and and the initial diet that was put together for Hashimoto’s was the anti-inflammatory diet that’s.

What it was called, anti-inflammatory diet Ashima is an autoimmune problem. You wanted, you want to put it in the remission by dampening immune inflammation and you dampen immune inflammation by doing a lot of different things.

But at that point in time we didn’t know what they all were. So I would started out as the inflammatory diet, the anti-inflammatory diet and then and then it and then it morphed into the autoimmune, Paleo, diet and, and that seems to be probably the best baseline diaphragm out.

However, okay, a lot of people come in here and say I was on the Ottoman Paleo diet. I got off of gluten and I felt worse so the problem is: is that person has probably something called a fodmap problem? They probably need to be on a SIBO diet, a low fodmap diet for SIBO.

So when I say there is one there, isn’t one. These are the nuances of diet, so, for those of you looking for the magic diet, it doesn’t exist because, whether it’s, whether it’s and other people come in here, I have three now I have literally Three now is killing me, people are coming in and they can’t eat, hardly anything they can only eat raw food, so they can’t only it, but so so that’s.

What’s called an oral tolerance program? They’re, not they’re, not tolerating their foods properly, and so you could use you can use them of what’s called a mucosal diet for that. So all of these affect autoimmunity.

That’s, the point and when you’re, when we’re, treating Hashimoto’s, you’re. Treating autoimmunity and one of the first things you have to do is figure out which diets the right one for them to start out with.

In the end, it usually is going to morph into the automated Paleo diet, but sometimes people are on a low, fodmap diet. I got to stay on that forever. In addition to that, in addition to that, you have to fine-tune the diet, you have to fine-tune the diet to that person.

What do I mean by that? You have to find out what their food allergies are, and most people know when they come in here with their food allergies. Are they know that they’re allergic to strawberries or whatever, and they eat a strawberry, and they don’t feel good or they get a rash or something like that, but it’s.

Food sensitivities. Food sensitivities have to be ferreted out. This is huge. If you don & # 39, t get the diet right and you know get the food sensors right. All the people are coming in here going like well, I’m, trying every diet and it’s.

Not working and I’ve tried all that you know in the celery it’s because it’s because they have to figure out which diets right, which can be a challenge sometimes and then within the framework of that Diet, you have to figure out what a person’s.

Food sensitivities are which can be a challenge sometimes so so that’s, really the skinny on diet. Is it’s? There’s, no magic bullet out there. There’s, no magic diet. If you get on the automated Paleo day and you feel like a million bucks, you’re very fortunate, and that’s and that’s.

Awesome and I and I hope that’s happening for a lot of you, but those are not. Two people will show up in here so that’s, that’s, really kind of a just a brief. You know kind of a CliffsNotes summation of diet, because obviously, if I get into all this bits of things through that this would be an hour and 10 minutes long now.

It would be like 3 hours and 10 minutes long, so diet, diet and food sensitivities specific to the person. If the diet is there to dampen immune inflammation, it’s. The beginnings point for all of these

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