Hashimoto’s and Vitamin D

Hashimoto's and Vitamin D

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And Hashimoto’s, and so there’s, a distinct advantage to having good vitamin D levels. When you have Hashimoto’s, Hashimoto’s is not a mean problem, and that means that you get hypothyroidism. But then, when you get attacks from your immune system, many, if not most of you get irritable, you get heart, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, night sweats, you get these hyper functions, and – and so so vitamin D has a role to play in that and vitamin D is a Actually it’s, a precursor to us.

They’re. What it’s called a sucks tariff. You’ll, get up as suc as you see, not as you see K. As you see, steroid and and vitamin D is a is a steroid when it’s at its full potency and and so what is. Steroids are anti-inflammatory and if you dampen inflammation, you’re gonna dampen inflammatory responses that create immune flare-ups that could attack your thyroid.

But beyond that it’s. Really, really, you’ll notice, pretty much every one of you who has had vitamin D checked and who was also has Hashimoto & # 39. S has had low vitamin D like really low. Like oh yeah, we just got off the phone with somebody about two hours ago and they said yeah mine’s kind of low.

It’s 19, and so what the range is thirty to a hundred anyway, oh – and there are countries in Europe and the Far East, where the range is run more like a hundred to three hundred ninety to 235. So most of you have vitamin D: that’s in the 20s and the 19’s, and usually to me.

That means that there’s, a lot of immune activity, and here’s. Why here’s here’s? Why? I think it really connects up to Hashimoto’s? So so you have these. You have like many many many many many parts – the immune system – okay and I, but when it simplifies tremendously, this party immune system kills bacterias and viruses and Candida.

This comes in, viruses, come in, bacteria come in, they come in and this this part of the immune system goes into a time and it attacks and it attacks and it attacks it attacks it attacks until I can’t attack anymore now, there’s, this other part of the immune system that, after the attack, is stopped, it’ll come in make antibodies and these things got to be balanced.

But this part of the system has to stop. First, for your full immune response to kill and then get immunity to that, the next time it comes in this has to stop so there’s. A third part of the system called the regulatory system, and this regulatory system regulates both of these guys from getting out of control.

You can make you can so when this guy goes and it starts killing a virus. Okay, it’s, killing it and it’s, killing it and it’s, killing it. It’s, beating it up and it’s, kicking in it’s, stabbing it and it’s chopping it up and it’s like something’s got to go on and Go stop that’s! The regulatory system, the regulatory system says it’s dead.

You stop now because if that response keeps going, it might look around and go there’s, a thyroid that looks like it’s got the DNA of somebody who says I can attack it, okay, so it has to stop and the Regulatory system stops it now.

Why did I go into all of that? Because the regulatory system is heavily heavily heavily fueled by vitamin D and glutathione, and so, if you don’t have enough. So if you’re, if you have an autoimmune problem and your immune system is always trying to attack your thyroid, this vitamin D is the fuel that’s, fueling these regulatory cells to try it to stop to attack your thyroid.

So I mean I I when I see a low vitamin D and somebody’s got autumn unity. I’m, getting that vitamin D up and I’m getting it and I’m yet, and I’ve, seen a lot of controversies on it. Okay, so I’m just saying I’m, getting it up, getting it up to maybe borderline controversial levels in this country.

Okay, so I’d like to see it around 100 people. So it’s too much. It’s good around 50. It’s 80. That’s, not our observation. Our observation is, it seems to get those through d’like characteristics somewhere when it gets up there around 100 or higher, and so and if I get people into 100 or higher, there seems to be good effect.

So it’s out and if the and I don’t necessarily always keep it there, but but I do get it up that high now so so I have seen now. If you do this and it doesn’t happen, don’t, be at this point because I haven’t seen this tons of times, but I’ve, seen people when I got him up into that.

85. 90. 95: a hundred area I’ve, seen their thyroid symptoms just go away because it dampened their thyroid inflammation. Usually it’s, a part of a whole attack of getting your sensitivities under control.

You know detoxing that the tea toxicities we talked about sensitivities and and and deficiencies in toxicity is one of the big big deficiencies we talk about and test for is vitamin D in all autoimmune problems, and I’m.

Another lady that we’re, giving her some very, very high doses of vitamin D and it’s, dampens her myasthenia gravis, so quite a bit. So so vitamin D is big. It’s very, very big, very important in autoimmunity in general.

It certainly has a role to play. Some people a lot, some people a little bit some people medium in dampening immune attacks against the thyroid.

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