Hashimoto’s and Vaginal Dryness

Hashimoto's and Vaginal Dryness

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Let’s talk about Hashimoto’s and vaginal dryness, and this is this – is kind of part of a slightly bigger picture of Hashimoto’s and and just female hormonal imbalances in general. I did it and it hit me. It just hit me a couple of days ago that almost everybody in the last two or three weeks, almost every female in the last two or three weeks who has come in here for care, has had alternating menstrual periods, heavy bleeding low, bleeding caught flashes consistently vaginal Dryness and most of them are taking some sort of hormone replacement therapy for that, of course, so, and they’re, not particularly people who are in menopause.

These are Hashimoto’s patients, so I sure Motors is just crazy as you’re, as if you’ve been following along the series: it’s, insane all the things that it affects and it’s because Hashimoto’s has a receptor site.

Your thyroid has a receptor site to receive your thyroid hormone and and and then get hooked into the cell and have it make energy and every one of the trillions of cells in your body so and it has a direct relationship to your female hormones.

Well, if the person comes in here with a female hormonal problem, first thing we’re gonna look at is all of the physiology that would be abnormal. That would cause you to have a female hormone problem.

If it’s, not a pathology, in other words, if you’ve gone to the doctor and you don’t have like a tumor or something like that or you know of endometriosis all right. You don’t, have ovarian cysts or something along those lines or even if you do have like ovarian cysts, but but if it’s, not a pathology, a cancer or something like that.

There’s. An abnormal imbalance in your system, it’s, going to be it’s, going to be adrenals or stress, or things that are stressing out your adrenals is going to be blood sugar. It’s, going to be it &.

# 39 s going to be for liver clearance of of your hormones, your estrogen and progesterone, and all that type of stuff, poor, essential fatty acids and poor blood. Sure all these things interfere with the feedback loop, the production of the ability of your hormones to hook into the receptor sites it just they all just affect hormone and physiology.

Almost nothing affects hormone physiology more than like Hashimoto’s. Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism little high Hashimoto’s; higher both are in the end. Everything is just lust. Now: okay, when you have hypo at the Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, when you’re tired and you’re slow and everything is just like dragging and occasionally you get your you know, your bowler, you get anxiety or or heart, Palpitations for no reason at all, or in some here, tremors or something, but most of all, you’re in high most of you’re in hypothyroid.

It’s, a small exception, which I’m, not going to get into so, but it slows everything down it’s, so it slows down the it slows down your your hormones when they’re made. They need to be made, they need to be used, they need to be cleared, they need to get out into the toilet and then that whole mechanism tell you, creates a certain balance in you and then that whole mechanism tells your brain.

Okay, all that hormones cleared out it’s going down. We need more hormone, hey brain, tell my ovaries and my drill, and so I need more estrogen well that that doesn’t happen in Hashimoto’s for a ton of reasons like like Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism is gonna Cause it is gonna slow down your your, your your bowels, so you’re, not going to clear your estrogens into the toilet, one of the first things comes in here.

People have constipation, you got ta get like you got em pooping because they’re, not detoxing. If it’s, not getting it a toilet through feces or through urine, you’re, not detoxing. So and you’re, not detoxing, these excess estrogens, so they stay in your body and in excess.

Estrogen is just as bad as when it’s, not enough excess estrogen shuts down the receptor sites in the cells for the Usher and for mating it too much kind of like insulin, resistance and blood sugar like in blood sugar.

You eat too much junk and it keeps down yourselves. You got ta, let me in you got ta, let yeah you got ta, let the sugar and eventually so let’s, get an apple. It’s enough same thing with too much estrogen, so Hashimoto turns away through that mechanism.

Hashimoto’s, can slow down your liver and your gallbladder function. Call Blair, doesn’t work, liver, doesn’t, it doesn’t clear. Then go you’re, not clearing out your your excess estrogens. It slows down the ability of your of your ovaries to make estrogen to make the follicles too it’s.

It’s, one of the reasons that it affects estrogen and testosterone therapy. It’s, one of the reasons that it causes women to not be able to have babies. So I can cause just about anything upstream because it slows every one of those things down.

It can fatigue your adrenals, and so now your adrenals aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Relatives are working with your secondary sex hormones. It’s, just like it’s crazy. I always just I don’t know it just struck me like the last eight women came in had vaginal dryness down and they and they didn’t really connected that nobody really connected it to their thyroid.

So if you know, if you clear all that stuff out, if you clear out the the liver and the gallbladder and the gut and then the adrenal glands and you stabilize the blood sugar and you get the right a set special about it and it’s still not working.

You need to do something about that person’s thyroid because the thyroid may still be in hypothyroid and then, if you do all that and it’s not working now you need some direct support for the female hormone whole reproductive process.

If you’re under the age of 50 argument, if you’re over the age of 50, a little different for each one and and that can come usually in the form of herbs or botanicals or things of that nature. But, but for those of you who’ve worked, who have taken the herbs and tackle is gonna like nice, they got vaginal dryness and all that other stuff it’s like it.

Didn’t work. Well, it didn’t work because you can handle all that other stuff. So again it’s IV Hashimoto’s. It’s like it’s, it’s insane and it’s. Just like this multifactorial thing, I was just where’s, your insight, it’s kind like there’s like 59 different things, literally, that when a Hashimoto’s, patient walks in the door, you have to like Evaluate to tell where are they where the onion spectrum? Where do you start at that for and then there’s like 39 different triggers for it, and I’m.

Not I’m, not those are exact figures, okay and and then, when you start to figure out all the things that it affects now the person who comes in here – and it goes like – I got all this stuff and nobody knows what’s wrong with me, and they they named since it’s like nine different organ systems.

It’s like we’re, looking for Asha Moto’s, because how many things can affect all that and drive all nine year, doctors crazy. So the vaginal dryness is just kind of a part of all of that. In the short now Hashimoto’s alters all the things that are going to allow you to create proper female hormone balances.

Whether you’re, whether you’re menstruating, whether you’re pre, menopausal, perimenopausal post-metal, it doesn’t matter. You have to have certain things happening above hand. If you’re everything’s going cool, you should just go through menopause.

You’re like well. What happened? I went through menopause. You know not! Oh my god. I’m sweating and I thought flashes. I wanted to kill my husband all that type of stuff, so so it’s thyroid, it affects everything it really profoundly, affects female hormones and, and and – and the vaginal dryness is, is part of that whole deal.

So I hope that’s, good information for you, because I seems like there’s. A lot of people who were coming in with that really didn’t, know mmm and and never made the connection so that’s been pretty pretty fun all right.

That’s it for today you

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