Hashimoto’s and Stress

Hashimoto's and Stress

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Stress today and who’s not stressed today right and it’s, it is uh. I think you know people it’s, funny thing, people get that they’re stressed and and then they get that it creates a physiological response in them and then it makes them want to choke people and kill people and do stuff.

Like that, but they’re also, you know it’s like my heart’s beating and i and and and and you know – and i’m – you know huffing and puffing, and i have no energy, but There’s, not a connection a lot of times with the fact that the stress is either triggering causing or perpetuating their conditions.

And and not only is there not an exception for that. With hashimoto’s, uh thyroiditis or just hashimoto’s. Hypothyroidism stress is probably the first thing i look at when a person walks in here and i do do functional neurology, okay, and i am involved in that in functional neurology.

One of the big aspects of it is to assess people’s. Stress responses is how it affects their entire physiology and um, and – and we kind of for those of you who’ve watched us, and maybe you’ve. Seen our back the basics, we kind of have an idea of how to attack autoimmunity and there’s there’s, an organization to it.

You ‘ Ve, probably heard me talk about hierarchy, probably tired of hearing. You talk about hierarchy and order and how you attack things stress is right at the top, like literally right at the top, and i’ll, tell you it’s like the three first things.

I look at the five first things. I look at is stress, sleep relationships, blood, sugar and oxygen. I mean i don’t. Even i don’t go anywhere else until i look at those because if you’re deficient on all of that, i i i can’t help you with your relationships and if you have a bad relationship with your Husband or your wife or your boss, or your workers, your coworkers or whatever, and it’s ongoing um that’s like something that has to be kind of handled before we get into the whole involvement and getting and figure finding out.

All your triggers um, because that’s like the biggest trigger that there is because it causes stress and so – and stress – is number one stress is number one. So it’s. Stress sleeping relationships, stress relationships, sleep.

They need to be addressed. Why? Because stress, when you go into stress, it alters your entire physiology. There’s, not that many things that affect every single one of the trillions of cells in you stress happens to be one of them and thyroid happens to be another one of them, and so so stress will trigger it.

Basically, stress does: is it it? It shuts down your your whole gut system and it shuts down your bladder um, your your urinary bladder, and so you, you so stress, creates a an issue where you’re, not meant your stomach’s, not working.

How many people do not know that stress causes ulcers well long before you get ulcers, it’s all through the physiology in your stomach, so that you’re, not digesting food. You’re, not sterilizing food.

Your bowels aren’t. Moving stress is probably the number one cause of constipation in this country for all you’ve taken miralax, probably taking are like buying. You know stock in smooth move, tea and uh magnesium supplements and all that look and see.

If you’re stressed stress, is the number one cause of that stress shuts down your intestines. Your intestines can’t work. Now it’s off to the races you can get without getting into it. You can get small tests on bacteria overgrowth.

You can get constipation dis imbalance in bacteria, you name it. It’ll cause your candida to flare up. If you have candida it’ll cause your stomach to not be able to kill, h pylori. Now you get ulcers, you get h! Pylori you get gerd! You get all that stresses like it’s like crazy.

When you are under chronic stress. Your body thinks you’re in fight flight. Thinks you’re in danger. It shuts down your ability to move your bowels and pee, because you don’t need to be doing either while you’re fighting or fleeing, and and so you’re.

You know your your brain, doesn ‘ T know that from an intellectual point, but it knows that from a basic uh chemistry, neurological point of like survival, and so that alters a lot of things and worth 75 of your immune system.

It’s in your gut right. Everybody knows that by now and what else and so and and what are we trying to fix? We’re trying to dampen autoimmunity. We can’t dampen autoimmunity. What is hashimoto’s? It’s.

An autoimmune problem. You’re, trying to dampen an immune attack against your thyroid. Your chronic stress, good luck, okay! I just had one here yesterday, you hear me say this almost every time, but i talk to a lot of people.

I had one yesterday, young man, delightful young man, this this gentleman ‘ S had like stress his whole life, so he ‘ S probably has actually a genetic stress factor you you’ve, heard of like uh having uh and the mthfr gene.

Maybe most people seem like they watch. These things seem to have heard about that. He has something else called the comt meaning his brain hasn’t been able to shut down since day one since he was born okay, so that’s, our battle, that’s.

Our first battle stress, also is kind of in a vicious cycle with thyroid thyroid, also thyroid the second most common cause of constipation. So so now you have a thyroid that is is is also slowing down a gut that your brain is already telling to not work, and then it’s, just a cascade from there.

It’s, just insane all the things that take place from there, that’s, not even counting your adrenal glands, your adrenal glands are putting out lots of cortisol. When you’re stressed it’s. Putting out lots of cortisol cortisol is inflammatory.

Cortisol alters your blood sugar, so stress can all even alter your blood sugar numbers. You’re going to the doctor for diabetes and it’s, not diabetes. It’s that you’re stressed out of your mind, all of that’s affecting your thyroid.

So again, hashimoto’s in and of itself, and, frankly, all autoimmune problems all established confirm autoimmune problems. The alternative are, maybe i should say, the functional, the classic back to basics.

Functional medicine approach to it is is uh, you know it’s a moving target. There are a lot of vicious cycles. There are a lot of different organ systems that you have to dampen and um, and so and and and so they’re all in this chronic stress effects that organ system, the organ system affects that, and so it’s it, but It’s, it is the number one x factor by far you know.

If someone’s coming in here – and i know a lot of you out – there are the never druggers, never never, never, never, never! Okay! I’m, not that’s. Not me. I’m, not like i’m like let’s. Do everything else first, but if somebody comes in here and goes man, i got on xanax and it changed my life.

You know my bouts got better when i got on xanax because it caught my my down. I’m like stay on it, so that we can now work on your bowels while you’re using that now when we try to get that person off of that later on, that’s, not my job, but if A person desires to do that um they may just be able to get off and on on their own.

In fact, a lot of people say i say you know, you know you only look at that xanax now you want, might talk to your doctor about it. I stopped that like two months ago, so but the point being that that xenax was affecting their brain that was dampening their their their their intestinal response.

We were able to work with that that we were able to dampen their hashimoto’s. Now that whole loop starts working like about eighty percent of their symptoms go away because that thyroid is dampened. Now it’s, stamping the some inflammation to the brain.

It’s, increased blood supply to the brain because hashimoto’s, decreases blood supply to your brain increases inflammation, your brain and next thing. You know you don’t need all those drugs you don ‘

T need the drugs for for your brain, so that’s. Stress and hashimoto’s. I don’t know. If i want. I, like, i hope that, makes sense because it made sense to me, but i hope it made sense to you. I hope i presented it in an organized fashion, so that you can understand stress is killer, listen whatever you got to do to get that stress response under control.

While you’re in conflagration mode, you need to do whatever it is, whether it’s, meditation, whether it’s, yoga, whether it’s, take a walk, whether it’s, deep breathing, whether it’s, you know going on beating a million golf balls, whether it’s, taking medications or herbs or botanicals.

You need to do that. You need to do that because, believe me, everything else is here not going to work. It’s, not going to work very well or it’s not going to work for a very long time. So that is stress and hashimoto’s.


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