Hashimoto’s and Sleep Apnea

Hashimoto's and Sleep Apnea

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Dr. Rutherford here so okay, as many of you know i you know, i get a lot of these classes. I have a lot of mentors who are just really amazing and they keep doing research, and i went to a class like maybe three years ago and and one of the things that you’ll, hear me say when it comes to these.

You know relatively complex cases by the time a person gets here is sometimes it’s, not about the sexy stuff. Okay, sometimes it’s about really basic stuff like oxygen or blood sugar. I’ve. Had i’ve had people where we’ve, gotten their blood pressure up, gotten enough oxygen to their brain and their extremities and their feet, and their gut and all sudden, like all these kind of crazy things started getting better.

We have presentations on that same thing with blood sugar, so we’re, going to kind of hit oxygen today from a different angle, we’re, going to hit it from sleep. Okay, sleep is very, very, very important to getting well and uh, and – and i i i could go on with that forever – i wrote a little book uh, like i think in 2002 it was just called.

It was just power health, you know back to basics and it really was more for my chiropractic patients who just kept asking me why they weren’t holding their adjustments. I said well, you eat, like crap, you don’t sleep, you don’t exercise, you know and – and you know a bunch of things like that, so sleep’s, a broad topic, but but i went to this seminar.

It was it was about three years ago and the doctor made the point about oxygen and blood sugar, and i was like yeah. I already get this. I’ve, been like doing this forever, but then he said something i had never heard before.

He said don’t, miss the sleep apnea, you missed sleep apnea, you’re screwed. You already have no chance of getting this patient where you could get them because people need oxygen. You need oxygen to every cell in your body and then that went back all the way to my very, very, very, very first class.

I ever took on functional medicine, which was a long time ago, and the doctor said: if you, if you can’t make energy in your cells. You can’t get the person. Well, you can’t, get them back to balance a lot of the patients coming in lately say i just want to get back to bound.

You can’t get homeostasis back because you need you need these mitochondria in your cells to make oxygen okay to make they. It needs oxygen. I’m. Sorry, the mitochondria need oxygen to make energy, so you can get better.

Those of you who hit the wall, i have a good day and i go out and i crash. This is part of the reason you don’t know you don’t have enough oxygen going through your cells in your mitochondria. You’re, just crashing it’s, part of the reason.

Okay and the sleep apnea comment by this teaching doctor kind of like i was like sleep now. I got ta check everybody for sleep apnea like oh, my god jeez. So i dutifully go home and do these things, because these are smart people and every time i go to these particular people’s classes and they say something it turns out being valuable data.

So i start checking everybody for sleep apnea. Oh my god. I mean, i think i think 40 of the people who come in here have sleep apnea and basically it’s on it’s on the intake form. Do you have sleep apnea? Yes, do you have your cpap? Well, yes, do you use it sometimes so so i really started to get it because then i started pushing for people to get a little bit friendlier with their with their cpap machines and and started really seeing results.

Some miraculous results, some mild results, moderate results. It’s, one of like 39 different things that you need to like investigate relative to a hashimoto’s case. So sleep apnea is a big deal because because what happens is when, when you are not, when you’re, when you’re, when you’re, having your sleep interrupted, basically what it does is it actually injures your cells? So your cells need oxygen.

Everything needs oxygen like every single one of your trillions of cells need oxygen, and when you deprive it of oxygen, they start to get injured. Those intermittent injuries then cause inflammation and then inflammation in turn, does a ton of things and and every one of those ton of things creates a potential response over reaction of your immune system, an inflammatory response, and then that alters thyroid function.

In fact, it’s been shown to increase it’s been shown to increase your thyroid hormone t4, your thyroid hormone t3 and your reverse t3, which a lot of people don’t take seriously, but it’S a but it’s, a it’s, it’s, a it’s, a thyroid marker and it represents, in theory, thyroid hormone in your intestines and and if that goes up, you’re.

Going to have less thyroid hormone available to you if that, and so, if the other two go up, you might be, you might be hyperactive, so it it directly messes with your thyroid hormone. Now the interesting part is the latest studies show.

This might be bi-directional. It might be that your that your um thyroid is actually contributing to causing sleep apnea. Now i have had lots of patients come in here and have their sleep apnea go away by addressing all of the triggers and all of the things necessary to address their particular problem relative to what’s, causing their their thyroid to flare up.

And i always assumed it was because most patients come in here and those circumstances are overweight and it’s always been kind of known that when you get the when you get the weight off, the person breathes better or you know they don’t, they don’t, have as much obstruction or everything works better, but it turns out that it’s entirely possible that it’s.

Also because the thyroid inflammatory markers that are causing your thyroid to go off. The ones i just talked about that the t3 t4 going up the reverse t3 going down it’s, also entirely possible that that is a part of what’s, causing your sleep apnea.

So because of this cellular destruction that takes place when you deprive the cells of oxygen, so sleep apnea is big and it actually is very big. It’s. It’s almost like there’s, certain things that i know like oxygen sleep in and blood sugar.

Those of you who’ve watched a lot of my videos. You’ll know those are baseline kind of standards that i look for to stabilize before. I do anything else, because every cell in your body needs blood sugar.

Every cell in your body needs oxygen. I would argue that if you’re going to function, medicine practitioner or doesn’t understand that i wouldn’t. Go to that. Just i mean it’s basic it’s basic to functional medicine.

It’s, basic to homeopathy. It’s, basic nitrites, it’s like follow the fuel it’s like fix the sugar and fix the oxygen first. Sleep apnea is oxygen deprivation at its very best. It’s, like second only to anemia.

In depriving you of oxygen, so if you have sleep apnea, you should be using your cpap machines and and and and this is not only a treatment for your sleep, but it is definitely a treatment for helping you to get your hashimoto’s under Control, it might be one of five or six major areas for you as a patient who has hashimoto’s, but you’ll notice.

I use the term major areas and those major areas are what you want to attack uh once you’ve developed. The understanding of these are the five major areas for this person, that’s. What you want to attack that that’s, how you go after one of these cases, so sleep apnea, it’s, just so important.

If you have sleep apnea, if you think you have sleep apnea, if your spouse is telling you you snore all the time and and and that you wake up or that you stop breathing those types of things. Okay, you should go get checked for sleep, app, yeah and, and the devices i understand are getting better and better and they have smaller devices and they’re, making the masks better and and so on, and so forth.

So uh, but it’s about hashimoto’s and, and frankly, it’s about autoimmunity in general. For those of you who may have other autoimmune problems along with the rheumatoid arthritis, celiac ulcerative colitis.

All that lupus all those things sleep apnea is a big player and it should be treated as such, so that’s. My presentation for today and take this one to heart it i it’s, i’ve. Seen i’ve, seen a big game changer in in i’d, say a third of the cases that that people uh have come in here with and in all cases there’s, been improvement uh in in areas of Managing the case once that person started on their cpap machine, okay, all right that’s it for today you

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