Hashimoto’s and Neuropathy


So hashimoto’s and neuropathy is the topic today, the the question of the day. Can they be? Can they be connected yeah, so yeah they can be connected. Uh note, a a fairly decent amount of the time, uh there’s a lot of different types of neuropathy.

Okay, right now, i think they’ve lost count. I think they’re up to like 100 different causes of neuropathy, but there’s small fiber neuropathies, there’s mixed fiber, neuropathies and there’s large fiber neuropathies and the small fiber neuropathies are the ones that the hashimoto’s can be involved in.

And these are sensory nerves, and you would know that you had small fiber neuropathy by the fact that you would get numbness tingling burning, sharp-shooting pains. These are these: are the small fibers being irritated by inflammation by uh the most common cause of those uh symptoms and and the most common cause of small fiber neuropathy is pre-diabetes, but one of the next most common causes of small fiber neuropathy is hashimoto’s, which is Immune which is autoimmune, thyroid disease and um, and really it it’s.

It’S comes from inflammatory responses that create thyroid dysfunction that affects just about everything in your system but uh, but the antibodies apparently can cross um connect with uh with doing damage in your feet.

Um there there’s there’s, there’s a couple of different crosses in this small fiber neuropathy, there’s of those hundred different things that can cause peripheral neuropathy only about eight are involved in causing small fiber neuropathy and again, as i said, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes metabolic syndrome.

Whatever you want to call it um, all of those are the most common cause. I would say the second most common cause is probably the immune inflammation and that immune inflammation comes can come from hashimoto’s and then and then hashimoto’s kind of cross reacts with gluten.

So there’s actually something called gluten: sensitive, small fiber neuropathy, which is you. You pray that you have this because you stopped eating gluten. Your peripheral neuropathy goes away and it has to do with all different mechanisms that ultimately end up creating inflammation to the small fibers.

In your feet, the nice part about, if you have hashimoto’s related small fiber neuropathy, the nice part about that is, is once you start to pull the triggers and get the immune responses against the hashimoto’s under control.

A pretty significant amount of the time percentage. At a time that small fiber neuropathy will resolve and uh, and so it’s it, whereas that’s not necessarily the case with the other neuropathies that we talked about in the beginning, the mixed fiber neuropathies tend to improve, but maybe not as much and the large fibers are.

They don’t improve at all with uh, with most of the things that that you would try with diet and nutrition and lifestyle changes, so so yeah, absolutely there’s so many different vicious cycles. That would take me like an hour to probably go through all the vicious cycles that are would make hashimoto’s related to the small fiber, because the the number one causes is is pre-diabetes, while hashimoto’s can contribute to dysfunction in your physiology that can contribute to pre-diabetes.

So it can, it can indirectly be a player in um in in the small fiber neuropathy, so yeah there can definitely be a relationship there and it’s a relationship that i’ve seen a lot. I would say: i’ve seen it a lot most of the patients who come in with that particular condition.

Don’T come in for the neuropathy. They usually come in and have figured either have like fibromyalgia, or they figured out that they have hashimoto’s or they think that they have hashimoto’s, and then they have this constellation of symptoms and and usually the small fiber neuropathy is a part of that.

In fact, a lot of times, they don’t even realize it if it’s a fibromyalgia patient, they just feel like they’re all hurting all over and um, and they don’t realize that that some of that pain is different.

The pain in their feet, the numbness tingling burning in their feet. It’S actually different from the other pains that are that are bothering them so yeah, there’s uh, there’s there’s a connection between hashimoto’s and small fiber neuropathy.

I don’t know i would. If i had a guess. I don’t, i don’t, have those numbers off the top of my head, but i would say, probably 20 percent of the time 10 to 20 percent of time. I would say that, there’s a connection between that and the neuropathy you

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