Hashimoto’s and Low Libido

Hashimoto's and Low Libido

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About thyroid and low libido – and this goes for females as well as males and frankly I don’t, treat a lot of males, but almost everyone who comes in here has low libido and it’s. Pretty it’s. It’s, a pretty straightforward shot as far as why that occurs.

If we go back to thyroid, we go back to hashimoto’s. Most of the time it’s. Hypothyroid that has been caused by an immune attack on the thyroid. So hypothyroid means everything slows down. Your thyroid hormones have receptor sites.

In other words, where they hook into the cells in every single one of the trillions of cells that we have in our um in our body. Now, if, if you came to me and again it’s, mostly females, but females came to me and said you know, i have.

I have all kinds of menstrual problems. I have uh. I have periods that are off. I have fears that are gone, that shouldn’t be gone. I have heavy bleeding low, bleeding cramping, no cramping, oh by the way.

I also have a dry vagina and i have no libido that’s, usually how it works. People don’t usually come in here, specifically for no libido, and if somebody and or if a guy said this, it’s a little different, but the bottom line is with either one of them.

You would be looking to see why they’re testosterone in a guy or why they’re estrogen and a woman isn’t working in in a woman. It’s, usually gut of problems. It’s, usually liver problems. It’s, usually gallbladder problems, because estrogen needs to be used, whether it’s made by your body or whether it’s, whether you’re, taking a hormone replacement therapy, it needs to be used.

It needs to be effective, then the kind of the the residue needs to go through the liver gallbladder through the intestines and into the toilet. That doesn’t happen. You’re, going to have high estrogen and believe it or not.

High estrogen causes the same problems as low estrogen without me, getting into that whole thing at this point in time it’s about the estrogen it’s. Also about blood sugar, it’s, also about stress it’s, also about essential fatty acids.

All of these work together to make your brain tell your adrenal glands tell your ovaries to make the make the estrogen that you need and then process it properly and get it into the toilet. You know detox you and get it in the toilet.

If you have a hypothyroid that’s, not going to happen now, thyroid does have kind of a straight shot: um uh relationship to progesterone, as far as as far as uh and prolactin, and as far as so having a baby and fertility and stuff.

Like that, but in the end, all of those things i just talked about are going to slow down your your, your liver is going to start slowing down and you’re. Not going to pro you’re, not going to be able to get the estrogen through it as much, and you can tell by looking on your labs whether your liver enzymes are up or not a lot of the times.

You can look at that. You can look on your labs and if you’re, the one who has the high cholesterol and you have the high ldls and and um and and you have low good uh hdl slow, good fat um. Then people go well.

You need a statin drug, you need to stop eating, you know junk and everything you go like like you go like i’m on the ottoman paleo diet. I don’t need any of that stuff. How could that be? It’s, usually a thyroid.

It’s, slowing everything down. So you’re, not processing your fats. We’re, also not clearing estrogen and then that can and and if your gallbladder is going down, you’re, not clearing your essential fatty acids, which i just said was important to make those hormones and um.

And if you’re, not making your cholesterol, if the cholesterol is getting stuck there, then you know it may not be available to make your hormones. So it’s. It’s that, okay, that’s, how it works with a female, a guy’s, a little different and a guy.

It basically alters again. It alters physiology for men. Usually it’s that they start putting on weight, usually because they have intestinal problems, they have, they have bacteria or that will start altering their insulin responses.

They’ll, start putting on weight, they’ll and when they start putting on weight, their fat cells start turning their testosterone into estrogen. The guy starts becoming a woman, he starts, you know, he starts crying at lifetime movies and he starts getting real emotional and he shouldn’t be getting emotional, he’s, putting on weight and um, and so and then that lowers the Testosterone, but in the end, the again the hypothyroid slows down a lot of the processes in the body that allows that to happen.

It’s. The the fit guy that comes in here is going to be less likely to have his thyroid, affecting his erectile dysfunction than the female is going to be to have a direct hit on all of her female hormones.

But it can be a player in the guy. It is, it is. If someone comes in here, they’re, a female. They have all those symptoms. They’ve, come in there for that. I don’t even look at their female hormonal panel until we get all that cleared up and i check their thyroid and i would say, percent of the time, and i i i always say this, you always hear me say i said i had One in here uh, i talked to the other day.

If you were watching she’s uh she’s, a nursing patient in florida. If you’re watching and she announced when i talked to her says, i got my period, it’s, been like three and a half years. I haven’t had my period.

She’s a nurse and she’s like i’m so happy. I’m like because she’s. 47. A lot of people, aren’t happy when they get their period back at 47., but we didn’t do anything for estrogen. We we worked with all the others areas over physiology that dampened the immune response against our thyroid thyroid starts working right boom everything works if so, that’s, that’s, how that’s, how the thyroid works with with That so uh, so yeah so thyroid has a lot to do with low libido, because low libido is estrogen.

You you, don’t have to write estrogen, whether it’s low or whether it’s. High estrogen, if it’s high, if you have too much estrogen it’s kind of like having too much sugar trying to hit your cells. The cells eventually stop opening for the estrogen, and then you get the same symptoms as though you had no estrogen, because it’s not going into the cell okay, so high low estrogen it’s, caused by all that that causes low Libido, that’s, how it works so for all you’re interested in that that’s, the mechanism and it’s.

It’s, fun. It’s fun to do because, usually by that time, the person’s on a bunch of medications and and they’ve, been told they’re in early menopause. If they’re 43 and they’re told that they need to go, see a counselor or get a new husband or something like that, and it’s and it’s.

Your gut your liver and it’s, your gallbladder and it’s. All things that aren’t working because you have hashimoto’s, so there you go so okay. I hope that was interesting and uh and we’ll, come up with another relevant topic for our next presentation, see you, then you

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